Who We Are

Mission Statement

The Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy (ACSWP) serves the prophetic calling of the whole Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) by providing the General Assembly with careful studies of pressing moral challenges, media for discussion and discernment of Christian responsibilities, and policy recommendations for faithful action.

What is the role of the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy?

The Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy is responsible for the process of developing and recommending social witness policy to the General Assembly. The term “social witness policy” refers to the positions adopted by the General Assembly to express its stance on and guide response to issues in the public order, including their relation to the church’s own life and mission. These positions may take the form of policy statements, resolutions, study papers, or social involvement reports, as defined in the Manual of the General Assembly, Guidelines and Policies of the General Assembly, p. 65.

Who sits on the ACSWP?

The Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy (ACSWP) is a twelve-member committee, which represents a cross-section of members from the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and is elected by the General Assembly. One member serves on the Presbytery Mission Agency Board; one member serves on the Mission Responsibility Through Investment Committee; and members serve as liaisons to the Advocacy Committees. Liaisons from the Advocacy Committees are also represented.

Yenny Delgado
Yenny Delgado
Baltimore, MD
(National Capital/Mid-Atlantic)
Erica Nelson
Erica Nelson (Co-Chair)
Lincoln, NE
(Homestead/Lakes and Prairies)
Tamar Wasoian
Tamar Wasoian
Synod of Northeast
(Presbytery of Boston)
Rick Nutt
Rick Nutt
New Concord, OH
(Scioto Valley/Covenant)
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas
Decatur, GA
(Greater Atlanta/South Atlantic)
Sue Smith
Sue Smith (Co-Chair)
Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Jacob Douylliez
Jacob Douylliez
Bishop, GA
(Northeast Georgia/South Atlantic)
Jeromey Howard
Jeromey Howard
Montgomery, NY
(Hudson River/Northeast)
Sue Trigger
Sue Trigger
Overland Park, KS
Richard Vendiola
Richard Vendiola
Auburn, WA




Sarang Kang
REAC Liaison
Victoria Alexander


Staff Liaisons

Vernon Broyles
Office of the General Assembly
Jimmie Hawkins
Assoc. Advocacy Director, Compassion, Peace and Justice
Sara Lisherness
Deputy Executive Director for Mission Program
Presbyterian Mission Agency
Louisville, KY
Melonee Tubb
Coordinator of Advocacy Committee Support
Rob Fohr
Associate Mission Director for Committee Support
Laurie Krauss
Director of Humanitarian and Global Ecumenical Engagement for CPJ



Rev. Dhawn B. Martin, Ph.D.
Coordinator of ACSWP