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Managing Educational Debt


The Debt Assistance Initiative is committed to helping the people of God live out their call. We provide resources, expertise, and hope to those struggling with student loan debt. The national conversation about student debt has been stained with fear and anxiety. Our goal is to reframe the discussion. Taking care of our resources so that we can be generous to others is part of our reformed legacy. Responding to generosity with generosity is the basis of our belief. In the case of paying back student loans, every payment we make allows someone else to have the same opportunity we did. Actively managing debt is of vital importance to faithfully living out our call.

Financial Aid for Service is offering short instructional videos to help recent graduates navigate student loan repayment. The first video, found below, was created to help church members use the repayment features of widely available federal student loan programs.

Loan Consultations

If you would like to consult with a staff member to explore ways to repay your student loan while balancing immediate needs and long-term goals, sign up for a consultation by sending an email to Melonee.Tubb@pcusa.org. She will contact you within 10 business days.

Loan Forgiveness Programs

Loan Forgiveness for Pastors

Loan repayment assistance for pastors of small PC(USA) congregations and emerging worshiping communities engaged in a part-time and/or temporary pastoral position. (Formerly, Transformational Leadership Debt Assistance [TLDA])

Season of Service Loan Assistance

Loan repayment assistance for Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) members engaged as volunteers and temporary or part-time mission work in support of a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) ministry, related camp or conference center, congregation, or new worshiping community.

More Resources

Repayment: What to Expect

If you are a recent graduate, now is the time to start making payments on your student loans. Manage your student loans; don’t let your student loans manage you! The US Department of Education has some great resources at www.studentloans.gov. Here’s a helpful video that takes loan repayment step by step.

How to Manage Your Student Loans

There is no shame in having trouble making payments. You are not alone. 3.9 million borrowers had enrolled in income driven repayment plans as of 2015. This video lays out your payment options if the standard repayment plan is not feasible.