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Managing Educational Debt


Welcome to the front page of the Mission Agency’s student loan assistance programs! If you are serving in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and are looking for relief from your student loan debt, you are in the right place.

Find the title below which best describes you. Click the link beside it and you will be taken to a page with more information on eligibility and how to apply.  Even if you aren’t sure if you are eligible, it never hurts to apply! You may be eligible for a free student loan counseling session, even if you don’t qualify.

  • Teaching Elder/Minister of the Word and Sacrament | Click here to learn more.
  • PCUSA Member serving a PC(USA) organization | Click here to learn more.
  • Commissioned Ruling Elder | Click here to learn more.
  • Young Adult Volunteer | Contact YAV Office for more information.
  • PCUSA Member looking for ways to manage their educational debt | See below for free resources for managing debt

Student Loan Debt is a Faith Issue

Listen to Melonee Tubb discuss why folks who care about justice should care about student loan debt on A Matter of Faith Podcast.

Managing Educational Debt: Income Driven Repayment

Financial Aid for Service is offering short instructional videos to help recent graduates navigate student loan repayment. The first video below was created to help church members use the repayment features of widely available federal student loan programs.

Repayment: What to Expect

If you are a recent graduate, now is the time to start making payments on your student loans. Manage your student loans; don’t let your student loans manage you! The US Department of Education has some great resources at Here’s another video that takes loan repayment step by step.

How to Manage Your Student Loans

There is no shame in having trouble making payments. You are not alone. 3.9 million borrowers had enrolled in income driven repayment plans as of 2015. This video lays out your payment options if the standard repayment plan is not feasible.