Worshiping Communities

Finding God in the mountains while on a paddleboard

“People are looking for meaning in their lives,” said Nathan Heimer, who with his wife, Mindy, have found more success opening up deep conversations on a paddleboard, in a yoga class or in a coffee shop instead of a traditional church. That’s why the Heimers, started a paddleboard ministry named A Stoked Life in Colorado rather than waiting for people who have grown up in secular households or who have been hurt by the church to walk through a sanctuary door looking for a good sermon. They see themselves as a bridge between nature-lovers and communities that seek to be God’s love in the world.

‘New Way’ podcast covers meditation, cannabis ministry and breaking capitalism’s clutch on Christianity

“This might be our most radical podcast episode,” says the Sara Hayden, host of the “New Way” podcast, a production of 1001 New Worshiping Communities that was started in 2019. During episodes 9 and 10 of the newest season, Hayden talks with the Rev. Jess Cook, founder of Every Table, a new worshiping community in Richmond, Virginia, about meditation, cannabis, embodiment and the real gift that “trans folk have to offer the church” in breaking open the cracks that empire, capitalism and white supremacy have inflicted on the institutional church to heal the diverse and beautiful bodies within the Body of Christ.

Renewal occurs through relationships between new PC(USA) community leaders and pastors in Puerto Rico

Through a collaboration between Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and 1001 New Worshiping Communities, church planters and spiritual leaders visited Puerto Rico in June to learn about ongoing efforts to rebuild after hurricane disasters. 1001 New Worshiping Communities leaders recognized many commonalities with pastors in Puerto Rico, including the necessity of bivocational calls and a need for community engagement and the work of healing and relief.

Broad Street Presbyterian Church’s longtime pastor loves serving a congregation full of explorers

The pastor of Broad Street Presbyterian Church in Columbus, Ohio, has for the past 15 years led a church “with a collection of folks who share a commitment to serve the city and figure out together what it means to follow Jesus in this particular time and place. My favorite part of Broad Street are the people who find their way there. They’re just a remarkable collection of people who are willing to share their energy, their commitment, and put all of who they are in service to being in community and figuring out what it means to follow Jesus.”