Grant Writing Materials

Who Can Receive a Grant

Mission Program Grants in partnership with congregations and mid councils provide short-term, start-up funds for New Worshiping Communities and Presbytery Grants for Congregational Transformation.  The resources on this page will help you prepare your grant proposal.  If you have questions about whether you qualify or about other funding opportunities, please contact:

Mary Oxford, Senior Administrative Assistant

Phone (800) 728-7228, x5251

Manual of Administrative Operations

The Manual of Administrative Operations describes the work of the Mission Development Resources Committee. The contents of the manual remain flexible allowing amendments and additions to be made as recommended by the committee and approved by the Presbyterian Mission Agency.

To obtain a Korean translation of this resource, please contact the Mission Program Grants office by phone at (888) 728-7228, Exts. 5230 / 5251 or by e-mail at

Download it here

Starting New Worshiping Communities: A Process of Discernment

Starting New Worshiping Communities: A Process of Discernment is a series of 5 tasks with steps to provide a process of discernment and contextualization that a team can work through together to form a new worshiping community.

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Starting New Initiatives: A Discernment Process

Starting New Initiatives: A Discernment Process is designed to be both a discernment process and a practical guide for engaging the community.  It helps a Session and congregation integrate the work the church needs to do with the spiritual leadership Elders are called to exhibit.  It will also lead a congregation to go beyond its walls and engage the community in a new way.

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