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Food and Faith

Food Crisis U.S.A.?

Mark Winne, a food justice activist, author, and former director of the Hartford Food System (a grantee of the Presbyterian Hunger Program) helps change the angle from which we view the high food price issue and focus on the importance…

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hungry for profit (not me!)

When I woke up this Sunday morning (day three of the fast), my heart was still pounding. So I thought I would drink some organic grape juice, but didn’t have any in the house. I didn’t know when Rainbow Blossoms…

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the fast that chooses many

I’ve gone without the last six meals as part of a fast that about 40 people we know about are participating in. Many are PC(USA) staff who are trying to discern ways to respond to the Global Food Crisis; others…

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Food Films Galore

Thanks to friends in the sustainable ag world for the list below of films on the ever-popular topic of food. There are some additional ones on the Presbyterian’s Food and Faith site. Plus, at the bottom of this post are…

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Sacred Risk

I do not have (to the best of my knowledge) any DNA links to the Chinook people of the Pacific Northwest, nor to any other Native American peoples. I am, however, a daughter of Oregon where I spent over 4/5th…

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King Corn

Coming soon are the final installment of Organic Versus GMO and more on the food crisis. In the meantime, KING CORN rules. Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting the co-producers and stars of the documentary, Ian Cheney and…

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