Chicken better than beef? Not so fast

You care about God’s Creation and you’ve heard how much beef production adds to climate change. So you’re looking for alternatives, like chicken. I often make that choice too, but while the climate impact may be less, there is more to know about the environmental affects of slaughtering 9.3 billion chickens annually in the U.S.

For one example, in the Chesapeake Bay, researchers have found that nearly 70 percent of ammonia from chicken houses ends up settling within 30 miles of where it forms, making the chicken industry a huge contributor to the area’s water quality issues. There are animal welfare issues I hadn’t thought of as well.

Learn more in this excellent article from FoodPrint linked below.

Or if you don’t click on the article, switching to a plant-forward or vegetarian diet will do the trick.

Switching from beef to chicken isn’t the sustainability flex you think it is