urban harvesting

UrbanharvestUrban harvesting in Louisville is especially fruitful in spring. Haeja asked the tree guys for some of the stumps from the maple they were felling and pulverizing down the block. She wants them for a sand box she plans to make for her nursery schoolers at the local Waldorf School.

Haejastraw_2And tonight I made strawberry jam from a couple quarts she picked from our front yard. (We are appeasing teenage son and not growing giant vegetables there this year. They embarrassed him…)

ChamomileAlso this evening, I picked a colander full of these chamomile flowers to dry and make tea from.

And we wait for the thick, damp Louisville air to cool a bit.

Haeja cuts some watermelon slices – Wait,

what? – watermelon in early June?!

“Haeja, where is this watermelon from?” trying not to sound accusatory.

“Maybe Florida, or California… I bought it at Whole Foods. Look at the label,” she said without, I was relieved, a defensive tone.