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    Celebrating Everyday Heroes in Black History Month

    Today, as we kick off Black History Month, I want to bring attention to a significant initiative by PHS on their blog: the "African American Leaders" series, which was initiated in 2023. This project sheds light on the history of African American leaders in the PC(USA), depicting the everyday reality of these individuals within the denomination. While some are well-known figures, many are still to be recognized as extraordinary everyday heroes and saints in our church.

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    Seeing God in Sarang’s company to Pinto and Toby

    Hey there, wonderful Everyday God-talk community! 🌟 This week, let's take a moment to reflect on how we connect with the divine through our relationships with other living beings. And guess what? These beings don't have to fit into the traditional categories of "spouses," "partners," or "children." They can be our beloved furry friends - our cats and dogs. 🐱🐶 But today, I want to introduce you to a companion animal that's still somewhat unusual but gaining popularity - the charming hedgehog! 🦔

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    Psalmtember & Marcus Hong

    Ah, September, you enchanting month! It's that time of the year when we desperately try to grasp onto the fading warmth of summer while eagerly embracing the most charming season of all – autumn (if you're lucky enough to experience all four seasons). In many corners of the United States, September marks the return to school – a fresh start, a rekindling of connections, and a return to that familiar circle of friends, colleagues, and a home away from home, distinct from our summer retreats. Now, let me introduce you to our enthusiastic friend, Marcus Hong, who's declared a month ago, "It's that time again! Just a little over two…

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    Climate Justice and Evangelism Sunday 🌍🙏

    This past Sunday was truly a remarkable day for countless Presbyterians, each with their own unique reasons to celebrate. For some, it was a Sunday devoted to the pursuit of Evangelism, fueled in part by the tireless efforts of the dedicated individuals behind the ministry of Theology, Formation, and Evangelism within the Presbyterian Mission Agency. A heartfelt round of applause is in order for the incredible contributions to the Evangelism Sunday resources of Miatta Wilson, Nikki Collins, Carlton Johnson, and yours truly. 👏

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    Education and Laura Zhang Choi

    Hey there, meet Laura Zhang-Choi – a fantastic individual with a name that'll pique your curiosity if you're familiar with Asian surnames! As a fellow member of the Korean diaspora, I can tell you that her heritage is a beautiful blend of both Chinese and Korean roots. Laura was born into a Chinese diaspora family and found her love story with a Korean diaspora family. Yet, at the core of her being, she's all about being American, just like her entire family. Laura's on a mission to make her community shine brighter, and her secret sauce? A whole lot of love and a commitment to educating the children in her…