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Clergy in Collars, Getting Coffee

Hello, Everyday God-talk Community,

There was a time when Everyday God-talk happened on Zoom as an interactive conversation, recorded, edited, and then streamed on YouTube and Facebook. Believe it or not, some of us at the Office of Theology and Worship envisioned this initiative for interactive theological conversation going live several years before the pandemic. We still have an Everyday God-talk archive of numerous interesting conversations with theologians, pastors, and laypeople, all recorded with their beautiful faces and voices.

However, the pandemic took a very interesting turn. The number of pastors began podcasting, YouTubing, Instagramming, TikTok-ing, and hosting webinars. Online worshipping communities on Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube are becoming a strong presence in numerous churches. We are swimming in an ocean of online God-talk every day. Many of us may even feel overwhelmed by their sheer number. Nevertheless, the quality of video and audio has also become more advanced and diverse.

It’s hard to pick out which podcast to listen to, video to watch, or webinar to join. I am sharing these podcasts by Leah Ntuala, not because they are the most advanced forms, but because they represent the authentic voice of pastoral conversation about the daily experiences of pastors. Please note, “everyday” is not synonymous with average or common. We are still on a journey of defining what “everyday” entails, so let’s not rush to conclusions. I hope you can hear the authentic yet unique voices of pastors from them.

Here’s the link to the first podcast and intro blurb of Leah’s podcast: “Clergy in Collars, Getting Coffee.”

Welcome to the hard-hitting interview show with me, Rev. Leah Ntuala, as I talk with colleagues in ministry and ask them tough questions. Examples of tough questions: favorite Biblical stories/people; current or past theological struggles; and if you were a Care Bear what color would you be and what emblem would be on your belly?

Here’s the link to the first episode from 2023. Episode 1, Season 1 with Rev. Sabrina Slater

Sabrina is a minister at Christ the King Fellowship Presbyterian Church in Spencer, NY. In this episode, Rev. Slater talks about her discernment, self-care practices, and current places of theological wrestling. 

Pay attention to these moments when Sabrina shares her ways of self-care, theology, and spiritual practice.

“I have a practice of looking for beauty and beauty can be found in lots of different ways.” (min 2:50)

“I feel like we in general struggle with, like trusting God. Theologically we understand and know that God is fully in control and that God doesn’t need us, but invites us, to participate in fully bringing forth thy kingdom.” (min 27)

“I can handle the speck in your eye because I just can’t handle the log in my own. There is a learned humility there or ideally a learned humility there.  It’s a struggle and life offers an opportunity to grow in that way. Growth is hard; healing is hard.” (min 45)

Most of the podcasts are from 2023, but it’s still fresh and new. I will try to introduce more conversations down the road, but if you want to jump ahead, feel free to do so.