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Some November Everyday of the Office of Theology and Worship

In the course of our daily responsibilities at the Office of Theology and Worship, two noteworthy events unfolded in the month of November. Firstly, we participated in the Moderators’ Conference 2023 where, among other contributions, our esteemed colleagues adeptly coordinated the worship service and other events. Concurrently, as our discreet office event, we conducted a workshop introducing and sharing various resources, including this Everyday God-talk blog, at the same conference. Noteworthy among these were longstanding assets such as Call to Worship, Lectionary, and the Directory of Worship, all presented with a humble intent to benefit the broader church.

Additionally, during the AAR/SBL 2023 in San Antonio, the Office of Theology and Worship provided a spiritual and religious haven for the scholars at our connectional church. The Morning Prayer of PC(USA), co-sponsored by the Committee on Theological Education and the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities, served as a meaningful gathering. The worship commenced with Rev. Dr. Edwin David Aponte, and the Dean of Drew Theological School, and concluded with the participation of Rev. Dr. Margaret Aymer, our esteemed Academic Dean at Austin Theological Seminary. Both of them are also the proud co-moderators of the Special Committee to Write a New Confession.

These occasions fostered rich discussions and conversations, with the engagements being so immersive that there was scarcely a moment for capturing photographs. For those interested in the resources shared during the Moderator’s Conference, we welcome your inquiries. Moreover, we are pleased to share the concise morning prayer liturgy from the AAR/SBL event, which featured a Land Acknowledgement and the First Nations Version of the Bible, emphasizing the amplification of the Word of God through the voices of Native peoples. If you’re interested, feel free to download Presbyterian Morning Prayer SBL AAR 2023.