Global Solidarity Collective

Global Solidarity Collective (GSC) is an initiative of the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) that brings together Presbyterians in the United States with partners around the world. Together we work to decolonize the global economy and promote harmonious ways of living on our common planet.

GSC is rooted in the understanding that today’s global economy is a legacy of European colonization. Five centuries ago, white invaders stole land from Indigenous peoples and enslaved and annihilated those living in harmony with that land. Subsequently, colonists exploited and destroyed the lands to generate wealth and more power.

This pattern of exploitation is repeated today, driven by systems invested in the destruction of Creation: extractive industries, industrial agriculture, global finance structures and free trade agreements. PHP has long stood in solidarity with communities resisting the impacts of these systems, both in the US and around the world.

GSC invites Presbyterians to come alongside frontline defenders who resist systems of oppression within their own geographic areas and globally. Together we advocate for improved laws, regulations, and policies (including Church policies) that impact Indigenous peoples, and other vulnerable groups, and we work to repeal policies and laws that are based on the Doctrine of Discovery.

We come together to study and improve our understanding of the Doctrine of Discovery, its foundations, its global reach and influence (including colonialism, destructive capitalism, extractivism, systems of domination and economic exploitation). And we strive to learn about and explore Indigenous spiritual traditions and cosmologies to enrich our own. We make room for all to encourage and learn from one another along the way.

Together, we hope to play a part in growing the beloved kindom that God wills for all peoples and all of Creation.

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