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At a Common Table

El Salvador farm families share in solidarity By Doris Evangelista | ARUMES, Joining Hands El Salvador *Names and locations have been changed to protect identities due to ongoing crime and gang violence The community of Coatepeque* is an agricultural community, in El Salvador where families are large and traditionally children, grandparents, and grandchildren all live… Read more »

Slogans to Sovereignty

Celebrating 20 years of saving native seeds and organizing farmers By Salome Yesudas | Chethana, Joining Hands India This year, Chethana, the Joining Hands (JH) network in India, is celebrating 20 years since its founding.  However, the work of Chethana member organizations predates the founding, and annual gathering of beneficiary groups date back to 1996…. Read more »

PHP Post Fall 2020 Edition Available

Sustainability and Earth Care Issue   The Presbyterian Hunger Program’s Sustainable Living and Earth Care Concerns work is outlined in the centerspread of this PHP Post. Also featured in this issue are: The Lord’s Prayer Liturgy The Sacred Connection Between Black Women and the Earth Blessing the Butterflies: Churchville Presbyterian Cares for Creation Who’s Who… Read more »

Advocacy for Mining Wealth to Benefit All

Joining Hand Congo works for community development in mining zones By Jean Marie Kabanga | POM, Joining Hands Democratic Republic of Congo Despite its vast mining potential and all the wealth mining brings to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), it ranks among the poorest countries in the world, with a human development indicator of… Read more »

Poem: Once Upon a Time There Be… A Tale of the Doctrine of Discovery

By Rev. Ellie Stock I Once upon a time there be . . . There be a Doctrine of Discovery, Dum Diversas, Romanus Pontifex, and Inter Caetera, three decrees, Papal bulls of the 15th century (lead bulla sealing with the heads of Peter and Paul, two saints they be), Promised Land conquest, Christendom, and Crusading… Read more »

Fighting on the side of peasant farmers

FONDAMA is committed to the long road to justice By Fabienne Jean | FONDAMA, Joining Hands Haiti In my country, Haiti, hunger, poverty and deprivation destroy the dignity of more than 70% of the population. People are reduced to spending all their lives in one and only quest – the quest for survival. Coming from… Read more »

Poem: Fire Erupting

By Rev. Ellie Stock Fire erupting, scorching the land, cities flaming as the oppressed make their stand, Enough is Enough!  We will be free!— no more 400 years of Wetiki: white supremacy mind virus cannibalizing and enslaving legally, no more protesting, exhausting, mass incarcerating, lynching, grieving—too much pain, Enough is Enough!—now hard blowing winds of… Read more »

Tell TIAA to stop grabbing farmland and forests!

The Presbyterian Hunger Program has been a long time advocate of efforts to defend the land rights of communities. Much of our work through the Joining Hands initiative is to support communities in their efforts to prevent forced evictions, displacements, destruction of the environment, and loss of livelihoods due to land grabbing. Too often we… Read more »

Land Rights Victories Post Tsunami

Joining Hands Sri Lanka continues to make gains in the fight for land rights as tourism grows By Herman Kumara | Praja Abhilasha “Building Back Better” continues to be the World Bank’s motto for “rebuilding stronger, faster, and more inclusively” after natural disasters. The motto was first introduced during the post 2004 tsunami development process…. Read more »

Poem: I Can’t Breathe

By Rev. Ellie Stock Inside the glass a young man says his last goodbye, a phone call to his mother, vigiling outside, a cough and a sneeze now a pandemic disease, soon he is whispering, I can’t breathe— isolated and trapped by a ventilator machine, a masked nurse holds his hand to ease his pain… Read more »