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Gospel and Inclusivity

A pandemic of racism Preaching the gospel during the coronavirus  by Samuel Son   In early March, a car drove up to me and the driver screamed, “Coronavirus.” I wasn’t alone. Other Asian co-workers at the Presbyterian Mission Agency in Louisville have experienced harsher harassment during their commute. A female Asian experienced racial and hate… Read more »

Gospel and Inclusivity

Go Back Home!   by Samuel Son   On July 14, our president tweeted to American citizens, “Go back home.”  I’m Korean American. I came to America with my parents as a seven-year-old and I’m familiar with those taunts. They’ve been hurled at me multiple times in various forms. I want to share two of… Read more »

Gospel and Inclusivity

Remembering Honestly The truth behind our patriotic holidays by Samuel Son I attended two different churches on the Sunday before July 4th. They incorporated the holiday differently in their worship. One church had each military division carry their respective flags to the stage while the orchestra and the men’s choir played a rousing tune. Then… Read more »

The B-Flat Christian

The Brave Warriors of the Little Rock Nine The struggle to end school segregation in 1957 and today by Rebecca Lister Armed guards in schools to protect children from violence…who would imagine it?  It happened in 1957. Several months ago, I heard an interview on NPR’s “Fresh Air” that still stays with me. The interview… Read more »

Gospel & Inclusivity

 Lessons from Starbucks What the church can learn by Samuel Son   I am in Philadelphia in the research room of Presbyterian Historical Society, surrounded by shelves holding General Assembly minutes from the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) going back to 1707. I am reading the following lines from a report titled, “The General Assembly Faces the… Read more »

justleros: more than nonsense / más que disparates

Silence and barking A Revised Common Lectionary resource for August 20 by Magdalena I. García But [Jesus] did not answer her at all. And his disciples came and urged him, saying, ‘Send her away, for she keeps shouting after us.’ – Matthew 15:23 Read the full lectionary passages here Silence and barking: what exactly shall… Read more »

Living in between

Can we do more? Confronting racism early By Abby King-Kaiser I am a campus minister at a predominantly white, Midwestern, Jesuit Catholic university.  In the last month we have been rocked by two very public racial incidents that make our black students feel threatened, unsafe, tokenized and ridiculed (their words, from a Black Student Association… Read more »

A Mote in Minerva’s Eye

Seeing without categorizing Global citizens and universal aliens Our citizenship is in heaven by Anita Coleman One planet. 57.3 million miles of surface land. 7.4 billion people. 59.5 million refugees and displaced peoples, of whom 51 percent are under the age of 18. Sheikh Yassir Fazaga was once one of those refugees. Forced to flee… Read more »

Souls of White Folks

A white man’s frank and repentant exploration of how racism finds a home in white folks’ souls. Change context, and you change peopleWhat I learned about the socially constructed nature of racism in the United States by going to Ethiopia by Jeffrey A. Schooley From December 30 to January 13, I had the opportunity to… Read more »

Down Like Waters

The justice-minded musings of a minister   Living WaterA prayer for Flint, Michigan by T. Denise Anderson Living Water,Who forever quenches the thirst of those who drink,Who denies no one access to life-giving nourishment,Who pours out until the vessel is emptySo that we may be covered,So that we might have life,Attend to those who thirst.Attend… Read more »