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Unglued church

Mind the Gap Closing the space between our values and actions  By Susan Rothenberg   When my son and I visited London for the first time a few years ago, he was completely fascinated by the London Underground. For weeks prior to our trip, he researched stations, lines, and pretty much had the whole system… Read more »

Small matters

God says GO! Uh, who me? By Sue Washburn A few years ago I was getting ready to preach a real, live sermon. I was about halfway through my seminary internship at a church and the pastor told me I’d be preaching the Sunday after Christmas. Me! Preaching! I started researching right away. It was… Read more »

Wisdom journey

Rediscovering holy wholeness Material miracles and spiritual malignancy By N. Graham Standish Modern people are a compartmentalized people, which makes them efficient, expedient, and effective. But it also eviscerates their spirit by carving the world into secular and sacred compartments. Spiritual people are integrated people who consecrate the sacred in all of life, recognizing everything… Read more »

Not quite right

Speaking with Jesus’ accent When you speak, who do people hear? By Joshua Bower The other day my 6-year-old daughter came into my bedroom…in tears. To give you a little context: it had been a rough day. She wasn’t listening to what we were telling her to do, she had been in time out more… Read more »

A mote in Minerva’s eye

The Homeless Church: What does it mean to be a Christian during the 2016 presidential elections? By Anita Coleman “Jeremiah, the prophet” my pastor Mark Davis said, during a recent sermon “in his letter to a people in exile, living among enemies, is using the language of the promised land. Despite captivity and exile, he… Read more »

Wisdom Journey

Living a sacred life Trusting in the abundance of God By N. Graham Standish The more willing we are to sacrifice in life, the more sacred we make life. The more selfish we become in life, the more scarcity we bring to life. And the less sacred life becomes. Sacredness grows out of sacrifice. Scarcity… Read more »

TLC: Think like a Christian

Small words make a big difference! A much needed conversation about evangelism By Jeffrey Schooley Each month’s columns are a labor of love and there is no greater “I love you too” than when readers send their thoughts, opinions, and even disagreements. I try my best to respond to each e-mail sent to me at… Read more »

Wisdom Journey

Striving for greatness It may not be what we think By N. Graham Standish While we may crave being considered great in the world’s eyes, it’s much more important to be considered great in God’s eyes. Yet what makes us great in God’s eyes may make us seem like nothing in the world’s eyes. What… Read more »

I do?

Weddings vs. Marriages Why Christian marriage must provide subversive resistance to the capitalism of weddings By Jeffrey A Schooley $26,444. That’s the average cost of a wedding according to According to this CNN Money article, the average cost in 2015 was actually $32,641. Who’s actually correct is meaningless because we are all wrong for… Read more »

Wisdom Journey

Do you have faith or belief? by N. Graham Standish Faith is like a knife: use it sparingly and it becomes little more than a dull trinket kept in a drawer, or a ceremonial trophy to be hung on a wall. But when it is sharpened and used in everyday life, it can cut through… Read more »