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Speak out

Help! Our pastor is leaving! Effective transitional (interim) ministry By James E. Roghair   “We can’t waste any time! Everything will fall apart.” When a pastor leaves a church, the inclination of the congregation is to take off on a mad dash down one of two paths. It might rush to replace the pastor with… Read more »

Unglued church

Is believing enough? Acting in faith requires risk By Mark Roth Once again, verses from the daily reading of the Revised Common Lectionary fell into my lap at just the time I needed it. The writer of James asks: “What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but do… Read more »

Unglued church

Indulgent practices Have we inadvertently resurrected an old tradition? By Mark Roth As I began to write this entry, we had just celebrated Reformation Sunday, which commemorates Martin Luther’s posting of his 95 theses in Wittenberg, Germany, in October 1517. So, confession time. I grew up Lutheran, but had never read through the theses, despite all… Read more »

Writing in the margins

Cuba: Reality, Hope and the Gospel By Antonio (Tony) Aja This time we had running water everyday for the morning shower. When I first visited Cuba back in 2004 for the first time since I left in 1967, I wrote an article for the denomination where I used the unpredictability of having water in the… Read more »

TLC: Think like a Christian

Small words make a big difference! A much needed conversation about evangelism By Jeffrey Schooley Each month’s columns are a labor of love and there is no greater “I love you too” than when readers send their thoughts, opinions, and even disagreements. I try my best to respond to each e-mail sent to me at… Read more »

Unglued church

Our churches: Originals or old copies? Figuring out who we are as times change By Ayana Teter Recently, I was invited to share my thoughts on the “big-picture” view of my church.  I had the honor of sharing in a panel with a group of Presbyterian pastors from the Middle East.  As Christians they were… Read more »


What should we do with critics? Lead them! David R. Collins There’s been a great deal of ink spilled on how leaders should handle critics. Depending on the book or blog that you read, you can find advice that ranges from loving them into friends, to freezing them out, to burying them. I hear this… Read more »

Unglued church

Blind Spots Seeing the dents, dings, and beauty by Ayana Teter So it has recently come to my attention that perhaps I’m not the best driver, or parker, to be more precise. I realized this as I was examining my bumper after an altercation with a taller-than-average concrete parking barrier. You see, I was on a pastoral mission… Read more »

Unglued church

Barriers Things that stand in the way of change By Sarah Robbins We are our own worst enemy. When it comes to creating and maintaining change in the church we work against ourselves time and time again. We pile up all the reasons that our hands feel tied: it’s not the right time, we don’t… Read more »

Not quite right

Lessons from Disney World Five things the church could learn from the place “Where Dreams Come True” By Joshua Bower Three weeks ago my family took a vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida. Was it the most magical place on earth? Not exactly. We spent a small fortune on sunscreen (on everything, really), I… Read more »