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TLC: Think Like a Christian

Seeking transformation through the renewal of our minds ‘We’ve always done it that way’An ode to ruling elders and what’s really going on when a church member resists change by Jeffrey A. Schooley As a relatively new pastor, I’ve heard the phrase “We’ve always done it that way” enough times to drown in it. No… Read more »

Not Quite Right

One slightly unhinged pastor’s attempt to love (and laugh with) a slightly unhinged church, from the inside out. Why (and how) to kill a church programWant a healthier church in 2016? Prune the tree! by Joshua Bower Here’s a typical week for my family, on top of school and work: Monday is my daughter’s gymnastics… Read more »


Redefining where and when church happens   Approaching Advent as if it were my firstWhat martial arts have taught me about my approach to faith by Mieke Vandersall “I am completely lost,” I informed my 200+ pound, burly, male partner in aikido just the other day. I wasn’t exactly asking him to be nice to… Read more »

YoRocko Podcast

Conversations with church leaders about projects that matter   Dreaming bigger for urban ministryMission pastor Aisha Brooks-Lytle talks with Rocky Supinger about organizing The Common Place, a blend of two worshiping communities, an arts-based afterschool program, social services, and community center in southwest Philadelphia, all supported by an established, suburban congregation.   <—- Aisha Brooks-Lytle… Read more »

YoRocko Podcast

Conversations with church leaders about projects that matter   Rocky Supinger talks with Ben Johnston-KraseBen Johnston-Krase talks about his new worshiping community Farm Church—not a church on a farm, a church that is a farm.   <—- Ben Johnston-Krase has served churches in Austin, Texas, and most recently, Racine, Wisconsin. In July 2014, Ben caught… Read more »

Rough Drafts

Towards vulnerability and transformation in the church   More than playing churchHow our institutional language and attitudes trivialize new church developments by Mihee Kim-Kort Children come running at us clapping and shout-singing like my 4-year-olds but enunciating a lot more clearly: G-O-O-D M-O-R-N-I-N-G, GOOD MORNING (WOOT WOOT) GOOD MORNING (WOOT WOOT). They lead us into… Read more »