Christmas Joy Offering – Support our leaders: past, present and future.

Presbyterians Today

A new year, a new goal

A month-by-month guide on how churches can practice stewardship throughout the year as a spiritual discipline.

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Twelve degrees and cloudy-gray, with snow in the forecast. I’m looking out at Christina Rossetti’s “bleak midwinter.” 

Gospel and inclusivity

Diversity, as cosmetics, impedes inclusion and equity. Unfortunately, diversity in church often remains at the cosmetic level, more worried about how we present ourselves in public gatherings.

Sharing the Dream

MLK Day is a national day of service intended to share the wealth of the earth with all to eliminate hunger, poverty, violence and homelessness.

Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion?

Coming together at God’s table nourishes us on our journey through life, demonstrates God’s power and is a witness to the world.

Black History Month Comes to Life

To celebrate Black History Month, a California youth group made a video series honoring prominent African American figures.

Christmas Joy Offering

The PC(USA)’s Christmas Joy Offering helps fund scholarships at Presbyterian-related schools and colleges equipping communities of color.

Apricot bread and gathered worship

When people ask about a food that makes the holiday official in my family, the answer I give is apricot bread.

Blooming out of season

Along the trail by the creek, maple leaves flash red against the yellows of the ash trees. It’s quite a show — and a confirmation that the chill in the air means business.