Presbyterians Today

Does wonder have a shelf life?

Does wonder have a shelf life? Does it come with a best-if-used-by date? I’m asking because of the mountains.

Of geese and bikes and Christian worship

A meadowlark sings from a tall prairie stem, rabbits dart back into trailside grass, and six young geese, webbed feet churning, push across the pond.

Go forth and change the world

In a world filled with dysfunction, we are called to address the challenges around us, confident of God’s victory over evil.

Rolling * with * the * holy * punches

A California pastor describes her struggles of continuing to be a voice of hope even in the midst of a pandemic and personal foibles.

The community fridge

Community fridges run by churches are popping up all over the country to help people struggling to put food on the table.

Our bodies are our temples

A formerly overweight pastor brought her enthusiastic congregation along on her journey to get healthy

A barista on a mission

A retired Presbyterian started a coffeehouse-based new worshiping community to serve her West Virginia community.

Empty pews are here to stay

Most people like to attend worship in-person sometimes, and online at other times, depending on their needs at the time.