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Presbyterians Today

Golden calves lurk everywhere

When change or results don’t come fast enough, people may lose patience with God and turn to false gods — yet God forgives our waywardness.

Remembering with honesty

Since biblical times, people have pined for “the good old days,” but their memory may not account for what oppression was really like.

Berries and nuts are among signs of God’s enduring love for Creation

Along the High Trestle Trail, late-summer berries are setting on. Elderberries hang purple from red branches, dressed like Red Hat ladies out on the town. Honeysuckle opts for Christmas colors, setting red balls among still-green leaves. And the clustered white berries of the local dogwood carry dark center spots that make them look like manic eyeballs. Seeing the berries cheers me up. 

Church sees a revival

God’s Spirit was on display when 15 people were baptized, 11 were confirmed, and many families became church members.

A place for pets

Many churches are welcoming pets into their sanctuaries, as well as integrating ministries for animals and their owners.

Boston church gets creative with the arts

A Boston church is showcasing the works of artists, musicians, writers, photographers and others as a way to glorify God and God’s grace.

Reformation Day and diversity

Despite the Reformation’s birth in Europe, we should celebrate Reformation Day by welcoming all people fully into the Body of Christ.

How children see God

If the church is to overcome the systemically racist image of God as a white male, we must show our children the way.