Presbyterians Today

‘Ordinary Time’ is extra-ordinary

Just as most of our days are lived between the big events, so the church year is filled with more ordinary days than holidays.

Congregation chronicles COVID-19 in pictures

A Valdosta, Ga., congregation wants to make sure that history remembers how it lived through the COVID-19 pandemic by collecting photos of members on their porches.

Crisis & Creativity

Creative endeavors — music, painting, baking, writing — can be a powerful outlet in times of crisis to free the mind from routines and foster growth.

Real change takes community organizing

Effecting dramatic social change takes more than the efforts of a single congregation. Churches and other partners must work and organize together.

A church struggles to do the right thing

A congregation agonized over whether to shut down a construction project to protect workers’ health — but thereby denying them their wages.

Raising hope among children and youth

The Pentecost Offering, one of the PC(USA)’s four annual special offerings, supports ministries for youth, children and young adults.

Pentecost’s divine disorder

Pentecost, the birthday of the church, offers local churches an opportunity to see disorder as a new way of doing things.