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Presbyterians Today

Native plants transform church property

A church planting project to protect Chesapeake Bay from stormwater runoff also turned the property into a sanctuary for birds and butterflies.

Justice is on the menu

The work of the Church moves us towards the day when people will come from all corners of the world to feast at a common table.

Stuck in the muck?

Even in the midst of our worst challenges, disappointments and apparent failures, God is always with us and nourishes us with his redeeming grace.

Ordinary Time gets a new image

Ordinary Time is a span of the Church calendar between major feasts and their seasons, occupying more than 30 Sundays each year.

No choir during COVID-19, no problem

When the pandemic stopped her choir from singing, Kathie Mades used her creativity to write a children’s book to teach empathy and compassion.

Sifting through the falsehoods

Despite political strife and polarization, Jesus loves us all in spite of our shortcomings, our prejudices, our lies and our grasp for privilege.

Don’t weary while doing good

In working for racial justice, it’s not just about us; we must also include God in the equation.

A roof over everyone’s head

Homeless is particularly acute as a result of the pandemic, and there are many ways for churches to get involved in affordable housing.

Not just a pastor’s job

The Church needs more lay leaders like ruling elders and deacons, and there is a great need for better formation and training.