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Holistic practices guide pastors through Holy Week

The first year that Rev. Stephanie Ryder served as a pastor, the church’s administrative assistant quit, with her last day being the Wednesday of Holy Week. Serving as a solo pastor, it put the church’s administrative tasks on Ryder, on top of writing additional sermons and creating plans for three services. “I was really caught off guard,” she says. “I know now not to schedule anything during Holy Week that isn’t truly necessary.”

Stewardship Navigator debuts to warm reviews

The work involved with creating and implementing your Presbyterian church’s stewardship program just got a whole lot easier.Stewardship Navigator, an educational website launched this month by the Presbyterian Foundation, is a free online tool for Presbyterian congregations. You can find it at

Stewardship calls for a modern view of tithing

About five years ago, Adam J. Copeland met with a husband and wife who were co-pastoring a church.The couple tithed their income to the congregation and had no extra income to give to other charities and causes that they wanted to support. That reality had made them resentful of the church.“If tithing to church is the goal, there needed to be a reality check,” Copeland says.

Presbyterian Foundation hires Vice President of Communications and Marketing

  Robyn Davis Sekula began work Jan. 28 by Presbyterian Foundation | for Presbyterian News Service LOUISVILLE — Robyn Davis Sekula has joined the Presbyterian Foundation as Vice President of Communications and Marketing. She began work on Jan. 28. In her position at the Foundation, she leads the communications and marketing staff, guiding strategy for… Read more »

Our hearts attach themselves to the things we treasure

The gospel text for Ash Wednesday (March 6) deliberately links the spiritual disciplines of almsgiving, prayer, and fasting (Matt. 6:1-6; 16-18) with storing up of treasures (6:19-21). The passage warns that if these spiritual exercises are done only to impress people, without God, they lose their meaning and we become hypocrites.

Presbyterian Foundation online giving accounts experience record growth

Online giving is steadily growing at “Decatur’s oldest church with the newest ideas,” according to the Rev. Dr. Todd Speed. He’s the senior pastor at Decatur Presbyterian Church, an 800-member multi-generational church in the east Atlanta metro area that has used services from the Presbyterian Foundation to collect online donations since 2012.