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A design on ministry

Chicago pastor says crucial clergy values are empathy and effectiveness by Mike Ferguson | Presbyterian News Service LOUISVILLE — Asked what’s made her come alive during the pandemic and the Rev. Emily McGinley doesn’t hesitate. “It’s the creative opportunities that are part of this moment in ministry,” said the executive pastor at Urban Village Church,… Read more »

Acquiring pastoral skills at age 13

The Rev. Dr. Trace Haythorn, now the CEO and executive director of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, learned his first pastoral care skills at the tender age of 13 after his friend died of leukemia.

‘Moments like this were designed for the church’

Now in his 22nd year as president of the University of Dubuque, the Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Bullock still finds he has a lot of work to do — even during a pandemic at a university and PC(USA)-affiliated seminary well known for distance learning.

Stewardship in a pandemic

Churches have an opportunity to be creative and proactive in their financial stewardship during the coronavirus pandemic.

Share your CARES money (if you can)

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, is giving most Americans a stimulus check that the U.S. Treasury says should be directly deposited in many bank accounts starting this week. As this money arrives, many people are beginning to think about how they will spend it — and I want to invite you to #ShareYourCares, if you can.

Pastoring in a pandemic: ways to care for your church and yourself

Usually open wide during this season of Lent and Easter, church doors are now closed and locked and signs are posted, requesting people not enter. The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down, separating friends, families and faith communities. Social distancing is the new normal and church congregations are apart. How do we worship when we can’t be together? How do we fellowship? How do we minister? How can we offer pastoral care?