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The Apostle Paul of China

An Extra Letter from John McCall, serving in Taiwan | February 2018

Delve into the Pandora Papers with Valéry Nodem

A trove of leaked documents about rich and powerful people funneling assets into offshore tax havens was the subject of a recent blog post by Valéry Nodem of the Presbyterian Hunger Program.


  Hunger and Homelessness Sunday – November 24, 2024 Many Presbyterian congregations run homelessness ministries or provide volunteers and funding for nearby shelters. Spurred by the biblical call to house… Read more »

Ministerial Teams report their work to Presbyterian Mission Agency Board

The newly formed Ministerial Teams gathered yesterday as part of the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board meeting and reported their activity to the plenary today. The teams consist of board members, PC(USA) agency and staff representatives working in the topical area being considered.

Meet Us

  Presbyterian Hunger Program Staff Rebecca Barnes (she/her) Coordinator In January 2017, Rev. Rebecca Barnes became the Coordinator of the Presbyterian Hunger Program after serving for 5 years as the… Read more »

Church Member

We are glad you are a part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)! You’ve found the website for the Presbyterian Mission Agency. We are the mission arm of the Presbyterian church…. Read more »

Get Involved

Whatever your passion… whatever God is calling you to do… you’ll find many opportunities to volunteer or otherwise get involved in the mission and ministry of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)… Read more »

EEPN Toolkit: Worship Resources

The following are LITURGICAL resources for use in a service of emphasis on concerns of countries in the Eastern European sphere. For specific prayer concerns at the time of use,… Read more »