Presbyterian Mission Agency

PMAB Executive Committee looks into mission outreach in Minneapolis/St. Paul

After a full day of presentations and discussion on Monday, the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Executive Committee took a field trip on Tuesday. The group is in the middle of a three-day retreat in St. Paul, Minnesota and stepped away from the conference room to learn about local mission outreach and church expansion.

PMAB Executive Committee begins three-day retreat in St. Paul

The Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Executive Committee began its three-day retreat in worship today in the historic Central Presbyterian Church in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. Afterwards, the group quickly got down to business with reports from both the Way Forward Commission and the All Agency Review Committee.

Putting the cross in CrossFit

In 2014, the Rev. Michael Plank and his spouse, Lauren Grogan, opened a gym named Underwood Park CrossFit in Forth Albany, New York. Now more than 100 members pay a monthly fee to work out physically and spiritually there.

Board launches search for PMA executive director

The Search Committee for the Executive Director of the Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA) has finalized the leadership profile for the position and formally launched the search for the next PMA leader. Applications are now being accepted.

Presbyterian Mission Agency publishes 2016 Annual Report

Following the June 29 approval by the Audit Committee of the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board, the agency’s 2016 Annual Report has just been published. The full report is available online for reading or downloading.

Listening to one woman’s journey on World Refugee Day

Noor arrived in Europe with two young children and without her husband. She left her home in Aleppo, Syria, two years earlier. Conditions made it impossible to live. Her family felt they had no other choice.

De La Rosa redacta carta de preocupación para la Comisión Camino hacia Adelante

Tony De La Rosa, Director Ejecutivo Interino de la Agencia Presbiteriana de Misión (PMA), emitió una carta abierta en la que se esbozaban sus preocupaciones referentes al énfasis temático y al trabajo continuo de la Comisión, especialmente en lo que se refiere a la PMA. De La Rosa dijo en un comunicado donde enfatizo en la carta que «no representa la posición oficial de la Agencia de Misión ni su Junta Directiva «y que escribió la carta en su capacidad individual como director interino de la PMA.

델라 로사(De La Rosa) 의 앞으로 나아갈 길 전권위원회(Way Forward Commission)에 보내는 공개서한

루이빌 -장로교 선교국(PMA) 임시 사무총장인 토니 델라 로사는 PMA와 관련하여 앞으로 나아갈 길 전권위원회Way Forward Commission의 주제별 내용 및 지속적인 작업에 관한 우려를 강조하는 공개 서한을 발표했다. 델라 로사(De La Rosa)는 성명서에서 “선교국이나 이사회의 공식 입장을 대표하지는 않는다”며 PMA의 임시 대표로서 “개별 역량”의 서한을 전하였다.