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Programs for Institutions


The Financial Aid for Service offers programs for Presbyterian related colleges and universities, congregations, and other Presbyterian related organizations.

The programs are:

The Wolf-Schick Maintenance Grant provides support for the construction of needed buildings such as dormitories, school buildings, libraries, hospitals, including equipment for the same.

Mariners Family Ministry Grant, providing up to $2,000 for creating a new family ministry program or expanding an existing program in a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) congregation, new worshiping community, or Presbyterian-related camp or conference center. The gift supporting this grant is a legacy of Presbyterian Mariners.

Season of Service Site Application is the first step for congregations, new worshiping communities, and other Presbyterian related institutions to take to create an opportunity for volunteers and part-time church workers to participate in the Season of Service Loan Assistance program. The purpose of the site application is to establishing a reporting relationship with the service site to ensure that program participant’s service is recorded, reported, and honored through participation in the Season of Service Loan Assistance program. Financial Aid for Service will process the participant applications, determine eligibility, and make payments to the particpant’s student loan servicer.

Teaching of the Bible Grant Application, providing support for Presbyterian-related schools, colleges, and universities in teaching the Bible. Up to five $10,000 grants fund activities ranging from campus-wide engagement through lecture series and Bible study to new curriculum.

Also, small churches and new worshiping communities may want to know about Transformational Leadership Debt Assistance.  Loan forgiveness reduces financial barriers to service for those called to serve in part-time and/or temporary pastoral positions. Congregations and new worshiping communities are not required to enroll. Loan forgiveness is offered to individuals.