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Public Service Loan Forgiveness Information


Public Service Loan Forgiveness Webinar (Full Length Recordings)

Full length versions of the webinar are available in English, Spanish and Korean. You can view this webinar by following the blue buttons below.

English Webinar     Spanish Webinar     Korean Webinar

Is Student Loan Debt a Faith Issue?

Listen to Melonee Tubb, Loan Assistance Associate, discuss why folks who care about justice should care about student loan debt on A Matter of Faith Podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Choose any of the below topics to be directed to the related video clip from the webinar held January 27, 2022.

What if I don’t make my last payment before the Oct 31st Limited Waiver deadline?
Forbearance, Deferment and Covid Deferment… What does it all mean???
How do I know my loan type and how do I log into
How do I know how many qualifying payments I have made?
What’s going on with all the servicer changes?
ECSI loans & Perkins Consolidation
Consolidation vs Refinancing- Which is right for me? What about private loans?
Consolidate and then certify employment if you aren’t yet at 120 payments.
My church isn’t showing up as qualifying employment what can I do?
What is FedLoan? Do I need an account there to qualify for PSLF?
Consolidate directly with FedLoan
How do I get my records from FedLoan?
My loans are already at FedLoan. What do I do next?
I Graduated in August can I apply for PSLF?
Does my local church or presbytery certify my employment?
Will PSLF still be around in 2 years?