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“The Spirit helps us in our weakness.” Rom. 8:26


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We Are All Arizona is a grassroots initiative, funded by SDOP in 2013. It is one of several non-violent direct action campaigns undertaken by the Olneyville Neighborhood Association. They recently had a victory. RI ends ICE Holds! Read more→

This project was funded by SDOP in 2005 to create an agricultural cooperative focused on improving family incomes through increased in the profitability of their cow/calf operations. Let’s find out what  they are doing today, 9 years later. Read more→

This SDOP funded project is an organized effort to rescue Filipino women from labor trafficking and involuntary servitude. This spring, several Damayan members were joyfully reunited with their families.    Read more→

I wanted to write to thank you so much for supporting Critical Mass Dance Company (CMDC). SDOP’s generous gift has truly given us wings!
Read more→

Young Adult Community Liaison Position Announcement! (Applicants must reside in Baltimore, Detroit or Los Angeles) Read more
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The Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People (SDOP) has approved grants totaling $114,020 to 8 communities in the United States and Belize. Read more→

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