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“I will make you fish for people.” —Mark 1:17


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Ebola is a scary infectious disease.  It is not contagious, spreading the virus through coughing or sneezing is very rare.  It is spread through frequent contact with bodily fluids and can be spread only by someone who is showing symptoms.. Read more→

There isn’t enough affordable housing in New Haven for people with low income, many Mothers for Justice members and others have experienced homelessness in the community. Mothers for Justice is a Self-Development of People funded partner. Read more→

Brandworkers members are workers of food production plants. They receive training to advocate for themselves for wage equity, improved safety in the workplace, and elimination of wage theft through the Workplace Justice Campaign. They are a SDOP funded partner. Read more→

Since 2007 Self-Development of People, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and Presbyterian Hunger Program along with Agricultural Mission and other ecumenical partners have worked with communities in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Read more→

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The Friends and Family Generational Garden (FFGG) Project was started April 30, 2014 when Alissa, Nasim, Dante, Alg and Kathy cleared a rough 20x40 space to start a garden for the summer. Read more→
















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