Faithful Action During October Food Week

The 2018 Food Week of Action is coming! The week goes from October 14-21 and is a time to celebrate the abundant and precious world that we inhabit — whose diverse ecosystems provide everything we need to thrive. We also acknowledge the inequality and threats to life brought about by human greed and systems that reward a few and neglect or harm the rest. Therefore, the week is about celebration and action. Raising awareness, praying, preaching, organizing, advocating, protesting, and work to build more equitable and sustainable systems.

We envision a world free from hunger and want!
A world where everyone has enough affordable, healthy and culturally appropriate food.
And may especially the farmers, farm workers and food chain workers who ensure our survival be fairly compensated, respected and celebrated!

The Food Week of Action – Sunday Oct. 14 through Sunday Oct. 21 – includes World Food Day (October 16) as well as the International Day for Rural Women (October 15) and the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17). Stay updated and get daily action alerts during the week by going to the Food Week Facebook event and say you’re Going. Going means you are participating, and that happens wherever you are.

The Action Areas are broad to encourage widespread participation. Individuals and groups can choose the actions they wish to promote and take, or they may choose one based on the local context. The now 57 co-sponsors of the 2018 Food Week were surveyed and voted on the most critical five (5) national actions.

Claiming Rights: Claim the right to food, freedom from want, and end racialized systems of oppression.

Fair Compensation: Demand fair prices for farmers, fishers and other producers, and fair wages for everyone in the food system.

Food Sovereignty: Resist harmful practices and policies and build just and sustainable local & regional food economies.

Stay informed by joining the Food Week Facebook event page and learn more at

See actions from 2016, 2017 and 2018 (soon) on the Global Food Week Map





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