National Call-In Days Against the TPP

Raise Your Voice Against the TPP November 15-17


stop_tpp_manzanamecanicaThe White House has indicated that they still plan to introduce the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in Congress this month during the Lame Duck session.

We have heard for many years from our partners overseas about the harmful impacts of free trade policies on the poor and vulnerable. Our Joining Hands partners in Peru are  concerned with the TPP in particular because it prioritizes foreign investor rights while undermining democracy and the most basic human rights of the people it claims to serve.

In 2006, the 217th Presbyterian Church General Assembly passed a Resolution on Just Globalization. The resolution states, “The position of the faith community regarding trade agreements and other economic issues is rooted in lifting up the vision of a just, compassionate, and environmentally sustainable society as the model of global community that should be pursued in all types or international relationships.” Our tradition calls us to seek trade deals that promote justice and equality.

There is still time for you to make a difference!

Join National Call in Days Against the TPP

Sign up to participate in the Thunderclap about the Call-In Days here.  Thunderclap is an online tool through which you can authorize your Facebook and Twitter account to automatically post one message about the Call-In Days on November 15th.  If enough people sign up, we’ll reach millions of Americans through social media that day.  You can do this on behalf of your group and as an individual. You just need to be on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

National Lobby Day in Washington, D.C.

If you are in the Washington, D.C area or plan to be there on Wednesday November 30 then please consider participating in a National Lobby Day Against the TPP

Check in with Your U.S. Representative

Members of Congress are back home, in-district now through the election, and we need each and every one of them to commit to oppose the TPP.  Please either schedule a meeting with them, call them, drop into their office or attend one of their public events and ask them: “Will you commit to oppose the TPP before the election?”

You can also contact your member of Congress through the Office of Public Witness


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