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Interfaith Campaign to Combat Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Help the National Religious Coalition Against Torture and “Shoulder-to-Shoulder: Standing with American Muslims; Upholding American Values,” a coalition of 26 religious organizations, are compiling information on groups working to address anti-Muslim sentiment! The info will go online, so that people can know about efforts to end anti-Muslim sentiment in their communities or give ideas to… Read more »

Stopping torture: new video from NRCAT

National Faith Leaders Join Outcry Over American Use of Forced Medical Experimentation, Call for a Commission of Inquiry Press Release from National Religious Campaign Against Torture WASHINGTON – National faith leaders are adding their voices to the outcry over the…

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Call for Commission of Inquiry

Physicians for Human Rights on June 7 issued a report showing that physicians, working for the CIA, engaged in human experimentation in violation of international standards in the development of the CIA interrogation program. Not only did the U.S. engage…

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Amnesty International and Torture Awareness Month

Amnesty International USA offers an activist action pack to hold an event calling for an end to torture. Fill in a form about the film screening, vigil, or other awareness-raising event you’re organizing in June to mark Torture Awareness Month…

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Observe Torture Awareness Month

June 26 is United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. Religious and human rights organizations in the United States have declared the month of June to be Torture Awareness Month as a way to provide greater visibility…

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Recent Allegations of Death by Torture Must Be Investigated

The Rev. Richard Killmer, the Executive Director of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT), an interfaith coalition of more than 270 religious organizations nationwide, released this statement today: “Allegations of death by torture of three detainees in 2006 held…

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End torture

Show the video, Ending U.S. Sponsored Torture Forever in your congregation or faith community. This 20-minute video from the National Religious Coalition Against Torture (NRCAT) explores questions such as: “Can torture be justified in certain circumstances? Do “harsh interrogation techniques”…

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Stopping torture – an Advent resource

The National Religious Coalition Against Torture announces a new resource [PDF] for Christian clergy to use during Advent 2009. With sections for all four Sundays in Advent, as well as Christmas Eve, the new resource [PDF] provides commentary on the…

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Stop torture: inquiry and investigation

The CIA Inspector General’s report released on August 24 describes the horrific abuse of detainees in U.S. custody. The report goes beyond what has previously been released to describe CIA agents threatening prisoners with death and carrying out a mock…

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Ten against Torture

Send a letter to President Obama that speaks against torture. President Obama reads 10 hand-picked letters every day to get a glimpse of what’s on people’s minds and in their hearts. With that in mind, Amnesty International has compiled powerful…

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