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And Now We Go Home

Mosaic of Peace Reflection – the Final Day Written by Carl Horton Inspired by Isaiah 55: 6-13   A long, complete time I don’t know about you, but it feels like we’ve been together a very long time.  Not in a bad way necessarily, but in a full and complete way.  Granted, it hasn’t been 40… Read more »

Sindyanna of Galilee

Mosaic of Peace Reflection by Megan D. Acedo One of my small group members said in our last meeting that perhaps “peace in the Israeli Palestinian conflict means Palestine needs to surrender,” to walk away, give up, and find a land and a place of their own. I fully understand the cynicism as we have… Read more »

“They” Becomes “We”

Mosaic of Peace Reflection by Mary Lee Hall During the conference, I went with 3 others from the Mosaic of Peace to volunteer for a few hours with the L’Arche Community of Bethlehem. We were warmly welcomed into a seated circle of L’Arche staff and participants. Christians and Muslims were both staff and participants. L’Arche… Read more »

The Walled Off Hotel

Mosaic of Peace Reflection by Rebecca Segers The Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem, named tongue in cheek after the Waldorf Hotel in New York City, is a hotel literally across the street from the “temporary separation barrier” erected by the Israeli government, with construction beginning in 2002 and continuing to expand today. At the spot… Read more »

Beauty, Variety, and Conformity

Mosaic of Peace Reflection – Day 5 by Rebecca Segers I have news for you. The land of milk and honey is incredibly inhospitable. It is hilly and rocky and arid. It is also stunningly beautiful, but it is not what I think the average American would imagine when faced with this opening phrase, the… Read more »

The View from the Window

Mosaic of Peace Reflection by Mark Goodman-Morris I’m looking out the window of our hotel room, and I can see a statue on top of some religious building at the top of the hill to our left. It is maybe a statue of Jesus, or maybe it’s Mary, or an angel. Any of those three… Read more »

Ramallah, Rawabi, and Efraim

Mosaic of Peace Reflection – Day 4 by Ann Johnston Today we went to Ramallah and to Rawabi and then finished the day in Efraim at the taybeh brewery. In Ramallah we went to the Retja center to hear several speakers.  First we heard from Sam Bahour. Sam described his life transition from Youngstown Ohio… Read more »

A Day of Perspectives

Mosaic of Peace Reflection – Day 2 by Peter Martin                       Today was a day of perspectives.  All of them perspectives on peace of course, but some were angry for peace, and angry for their people.  In my opinion, that’s OK. This will give you… Read more »

And Now We Go

Mosaic of Peace Reflection – Day 1 – Monday, November 7, 2022 by Carl Horton It’s been 4 years in the making with 2 years of postponements and 3 separate sets of dates, but at long last the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program’s Mosaic of Peace Conference in Israel and Palestine is happening.  38 participants and leaders… Read more »

Protecting the Resources of Madagascar

We have been deeply impressed by the rich cultural heritage of the Malagasy people and the tremendous natural resources and the great biodiversity of this unique environment where 90% of the plants and animals on the island of Madagascar can be found nowhere else on earth. Sadly, the resources of this nation are at a… Read more »