Stop torture: inquiry and investigation

Stoptorture-nrcat The CIA Inspector General's report released on August 24 describes the horrific abuse of detainees in U.S. custody. The report goes beyond what has previously been released to describe CIA agents threatening prisoners with death and carrying out a mock execution. It also describes the use of waterboarding and other methods of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

The White House announced the creation of a new interrogation unit, and the Justice Department's ethics office has formally recommended reopening a number of cases of prisoner abuse.

Act today.

Send a form email to the White House, both of your U.S. senators and your member of the House of Representatives, asking for a Commission of Inquiry in light of the horrific abuse detailed in the CIA Inspector General's report.

Send a form email to Attorney General Eric Holder asking for a comprehensive investigation for criminal culpability in light of the CIA Inspector General's report.

The report demonstrates the need for a commission of
inquiry to investigate our nation's use of torture, as called for by the 217th General Assembly (2006) of the Presbyterian Church
. The assembly also called upon the Attorney General to "obtain
the appointment of a special counsel with full authority to investigate
and prosecute any official or officer of the United States government
who bears direct or command responsibility for having ordered or
participated in violations of law in the mistreatment of persons
detained by the government of the United States at Guantanamo Bay, Abu
Ghraib Prison, or elsewhere, or in transporting persons into detention
in nations that have known records of brutality and torture." This
action is available (it's a large PDF file) as are additional resources
to help us work to end torture.

The National Religious Coalition Against Torture notes that "Our
country will not end this sordid chapter of American history until we
understand the full nature of U.S.-sponsored torture and put safeguards
in place to make sure that U.S.-sponsored torture never happens again. 
It is our responsibility to assure that future generations of Americans
grow up in a country that does not torture."

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