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Protecting the Resources of Madagascar

We have been deeply impressed by the rich cultural heritage of the Malagasy people and the tremendous natural resources and the great biodiversity of this unique environment where 90% of the plants and animals on the island of Madagascar can be found nowhere else on earth. Sadly, the resources of this nation are at a… Read more »

A remote village in Madagascar and a bounty of blessings

We turned off the national road onto a deeply rutted dirt road that took us to the village of Mahatsinjo. The village, four miles away at the end of the road, had 25 homes, a Catholic Church, and a school. The district mayor and the vast majority of the town and children welcomed us. After… Read more »

Worshipping with the Malagasy People

On this Sunday I was touched by many messages of peacemaking. We arose once again this morning to the sounds of lemurs communicating, a wake up call by God’s wonderfully unique creation.  Our group divided into four teams and fanned out across the area to attend the worship services of four congregations:  Andasibe, Moramanga Fitiavana,… Read more »

Blessed are the peacemakers…in Madagascar

Sambatra ny mpampihavana Blessed are the Peacemakers It was a fascinating day in Madagascar!  The leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (known by its Malagasy acronym, FJKM) shared their knowledge on an extraordinary range of subjects.   In the morning we learned about the background of the FJKM, its Reformed tradition, its structure… Read more »

Our home, God’s creation

by Amelie Clemot The earth, God’s creation, is our home: we rely upon it for air, shelter, food and water… Yet, we humans are the earth’s biggest threat. How is it that we are comfortable destroying the very thing on which we depend for life and existence? Well, it could be because we just don’t… Read more »

Tread Lightly for Lent: Ash Wednesday

Take part in “Tread Lightly for Lent” this Lenten season. Learn about eco-justice and take action to care for God’s earth. Each day an action and learning item from the “Tread Lightly for Lent” calendar will be posted on the…

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Eco-Stewards Program for Young Adults

From Eco-Journey, the blog of the Environmental Ministries Office The Eco-Stewards Program is for young adults ages 20-30 who are interested in exploring the connections between our faith and environmental stewardship. The 2011 program will take place June 2-9 with…

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Become an Earth Care Congregation

From Eco-Journey, the blog of the Environmental Ministries Office. Environmental Ministries is introducing the Earth Care Congregations program to encourage churches to care for God’s earth and to honor churches that have committed to this important mission.The goal of the…

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Take the Countdown to Copenhagen Pledge

Take the Countdown to Copenhagen Pledge – today! International leaders will be meeting in Copenhagen in December to create a new international agreement to lower greenhouse gas emissions that will replace the Kyoto Protocol when it expires in 2012. These…

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Care for God’s Creation

Find resources to observe World Environment Day. This day, intended to raise understanding of environmental issues and to empower people to act on behalf of a sustainable future, is June 5. Congregations can celebrate World Environment Day on June 7…

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