Statement by Presbyterian Church of Sudan on violence in Jonglei State

Our partners in the Presbyterian Church of Sudan have issued the following statement regarding the violence happening in Jonglei State of South Sudan:

It is bad news  that PCOS Congregations such as Lou Nuer and Murle are killing themselves all the time through cattle raiding. This situation in Jonglei State displeases the Head office of the Presbyterian Church of Sudan, the Nation of South Sudan and the Whole world. We call the Lou Nuer and the Murle to lay down their arms and stop the current attacks.  We ask the Government of the Republic of South Sudan and the UN to use all means possible to protect civilians during this current violence. We appeal to the Government of South Sudan and the Government of Jonglei State to plan a quick disarmament of Lou Nuer and Murle as soon as possible. It is not only Lou Nuer and Murle who should be disarmed alone, but also the  civilians should be disarmed because all guns in their hands create great fear to the whole land of South Sudan. To save the life of this young nation guns must be collected from the hands of civilians. If not, everybody will be in danger. Let us continue to pray to the God of Life to bring peace to this young nation, but we want to urge the Government of South Sudan to act quickly collecting all guns from the hands of civilians. May the Will of God be done in South Sudan.

Rev. Gideon Tai Tudeal
General Secretary PCOS
General Assembly
Headquarters Malakal 

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