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Violence continues in South Sudan

Our brothers and sisters in South Sudan continue to stand in need of prayer. Here are some updates on the violence in Jonglei State: Report: Fighters attack South Sudan town despite presence of U.N. peacekeepers (CNN) South Sudan ‘sends more troops’ to strife-torn town Pibor (BBC) South Sudan Lou Nuer fighters attack town of Pibor… Read more »

Statement by Presbyterian Church of Sudan on violence in Jonglei State

Our partners in the Presbyterian Church of Sudan have issued the following statement regarding the violence happening in Jonglei State of South Sudan: It is bad news  that PCOS Congregations such as Lou Nuer and Murle are killing themselves all the time through cattle raiding. This situation in Jonglei State displeases the Head office of… Read more »

Pray for peace in Jonglei

Jonglei State in southern Sudan is among the regions where violence is taking place. In this instance, much of the violence is situated in Pibor County. The conflict involves  people of the Murle and Lou Nuer ethnic groups. Cattle raiding and the abduction of children and women are part of the violence. There have been… Read more »