Urgent prayer request for Jonglei State, South Sudan

Here’s a December 30 update from the BBC:

The United Nations has moved a battalion of combat troops to the South Sudanese town of Pibor to prevent an attack by the Lou Nuer ethnic group.

Our sisters and brothers in Jonglei State in South Sudan stand in urgent need of prayer.

The United Nations News Centre offers this report:

The United Nations today urged South Sudan to take all necessary measures to protect civilians in Jonglei State after reports identified thousands of armed youth preparing to attack a rival community.

“I am deeply concerned to learn of reports of this imminent large-scale attack on civilians in Jonglei State,” said Special Representative for the Secretary-General to South Sudan, Hilde F. Johnson. “The Government must act now if we are to avert a major tragedy.”

Over the weekend, air patrols of the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) identified thousands of armed Lou Nuer youth preparing to attack Murle communities near Likuangole in Jonglei state.

Church partners in South Sudan confirm the concern for this grave situation and indicate that the attack mentioned in the UN report has occurred. They are in contact with the government and with UN officials.

Prayers are needed:

  • for the safety of the people of Jonglei State
  • for wisdom for the leaders to see alternative solutions
  • that the people will turn from violence
  • that the people who are in positions to do so will interecede in this situation and prevent the escalation of violence
  • that the efforts to preserve the peace will succeed
  • that the people will find nonviolent ways to resolve their grievances
  • that the people will come together to create new community

God, we pray for our brothers and sisters in Jonglei State. Keep them safe. Inspire the people with the grace and courage to turn from violence. Lead the people to pursue peace. Give guidance to our partners, the Presbyterian Church of Sudan, RECONCILE and the Sudan Council of Churches as they discern how to respond to this crisis. Guide the people of the world to respond in effective ways to prevent violence. We pray in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Amen.


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