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From the Sudan Advocacy Action Forum:

As Sudan Advocacy Action Forum looks at unfolding events in Sudan, we see this pattern: 

Months ago, the National Congress Party which controls the northern Sudanese government began arming and encouraging dissenting militia groups in Southern Sudan resulting in tribe on tribe and clan on clan assaults on each other. Hundreds, perhaps 2,000 have died and the situation gets worse daily.

Weeks ago, the Sudan Armed Forces (northern Sudan military) drove the Ngok Dinka residents out of Abyei forcibly changing the mix of people there. The fortunate escaped across the River Kiir. Many now are trapped because the bridge has been destroyed.

Two weeks ago, the Sudan Armed Forces began attacking the people of Southern Kordofan.

The signs of ethnic cleansing are clear in both Abyei and Southern Kordofan. The Abyei targets are the Ngok Dinka. The Kordofani targets are the Nuba people whom they deem sympathetic to the opposition party – both Muslims and Christians. They are targeted primarily on the basis of ethnicity which is being judged by color.

The Egyptian detachment of the United Nations Mission in Sudan military forces in Southern Kordofan has openly failed to protect the fleeing civilians and has cooperated with the Sudan Armed Forces in driving the fearful civilians away from the United Nations barracks. Confirmed reports of mass burials exist.

The situation is looking increasingly grim; over 160,000 civilians have been displaced in Southern Kordofan, and on Sunday, Sudanese president Al-Bashir threatened a repeat of Abyei and South Kordofan “lessons.”  Ethnic cleansing is too civil a phrase for this targeted murder. The time for negotiations, reasoning and cajoling has ended. We have a responsibility to protect these civilian victims.

Please dial 1-800-GENOCIDE, connect to the White House, and:

  • Say your name.
  • Say what state you are from.
  • Note that we may be about to see a repeat of Rwanda in Southern Kordofan.
  • Ask the president to impose serious consequences on the Government of Sudan, freeze assets of its leaders and their businesses, expand war crimes investigations, and consider protecting the Sudanese people as he did the Libyans.

Please ACT Now!

Pray with the people of Sudan.

Presbyterians at work with the people of Sudan.

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