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Contact President Obama on Sudan

As Sudan Advocacy Action Forum looks at unfolding events in Sudan, we see this pattern: 

Months ago, the National Congress Party which controls the northern Sudanese government began arming and encouraging dissenting militia groups in Southern Sudan resulting in tribe on tribe and clan on clan assaults on each other. Hundreds, perhaps 2,000 have died and the situation gets worse daily.

Weeks ago, the Sudan Armed Forces (northern Sudan military) drove the Ngok Dinka residents out of Abyei forcibly changing the mix of people there. The fortunate escaped across the River Kiir. Many now are trapped because the bridge has been destroyed.

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Stop torture: inquiry and investigation

The CIA Inspector General’s report released on August 24 describes the horrific abuse of detainees in U.S. custody. The report goes beyond what has previously been released to describe CIA agents threatening prisoners with death and carrying out a mock…

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Act for Peace in Gaza

Violence continues in Gaza – the violence of Hamas rockets and the violence of the Israel Defense Forces and the violence of the blockade of Gaza. Inspired by the nonviolent Jesus, who is the Prince of Peace, Christians trust that…

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