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End the targeting of civilians in Sudan!

Based on a press release provided by Crisis Action The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) joined 45 other organizations providing humanitarian assistance or supporting peace efforts in Sudan, to write to the UN Security Council, the African Union Peace and Security Council and the League of Arab States demanding an end to the “targeting of civilians by… Read more »

Prayer requests from Sudan

Our church partners in the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church (Republic of Sudan) request that, in God’s name, we pray for: The manifestation of God’s love in relationships between church leaders, despite disagreements, in light of their future unity. Stability in all our churches, in order to carry out the Great Commission. The ability to provide… Read more »

Security Council issues statement on Sudan

The President of the United Nations Security Council, Ambassador Kodjo Menan of Togo released the following statement from the Security Council yesterday: The members of the Security Council expressed their deep and growing alarm with the rising levels of malnutrition and food insecurity in some areas of Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile States in Sudan,… Read more »

Presbyterian leaders offer a call to prayer for Sudan

From the Presbyterian News Service Bolbach, Parsons, and Valentine urge peace as July 9 independence nears With violence flaring up in Sudan as the July 9 independence of South Sudan nears, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) leaders have called on all Presbyterians to pray for peace in the east African country. The call was issued by General Assembly… Read more »

Contact President Obama on Sudan

As Sudan Advocacy Action Forum looks at unfolding events in Sudan, we see this pattern: 

Months ago, the National Congress Party which controls the northern Sudanese government began arming and encouraging dissenting militia groups in Southern Sudan resulting in tribe on tribe and clan on clan assaults on each other. Hundreds, perhaps 2,000 have died and the situation gets worse daily.

Weeks ago, the Sudan Armed Forces (northern Sudan military) drove the Ngok Dinka residents out of Abyei forcibly changing the mix of people there. The fortunate escaped across the River Kiir. Many now are trapped because the bridge has been destroyed.

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Security and Humanitarian Situation in Southern Kordofan, Sudan

The United States Department of State issued the following press statement on the situation in South Kordofan, Sudan: Press StatementMark C. TonerDeputy Spokesperson, Office of the SpokespersonWashington, DCJune 14, 2011 The United States is deeply concerned by the rapid and significant deterioration in the security and humanitarian situation in the Southern Kordofan state of Sudan. The… Read more »

A prayer for the people of Sudan who know conflict

Gracious God, we pray for the people of Sudan. We pray particularly for the people in Abyei, South Kordofan, the Blue Nile, and other places where tensions run high. We pray that the military of the Government of Sudan and of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army refrain from conflict. We pray that all the people… Read more »

The beginning

The official results of the referendum in Southern Sudan have been announced. The results are an overwhelming – nearly 99% in favor of secession and the creation of a new country. The referendum is recognized as having been successful and…

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