Standing with the Malagasy people in challenging times

Many Presbyterian congregations and organizations across the country have mission partnerships in Madagascar – and now our friends and mission partners, indeed the entire Malagasy people, are facing extremely challenging times.

Map-madagascar Attached is an Action Alert calling for prayer and greater effort by the US government to help resolve the ongoing crisis in Madagascar. A sample advocacy letter is also attached. The Action Alert and sample letter have been issued by the Madagascar Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), a group that seeks to support the PC(USA)’s partner church in Madagascar and the Malagasy people in general.

The current crisis, which followed the coup d’état of March 2009, has seen the abolishment of democratic institutions, a marked rise in corruption, and a breakdown of law and order.  Human rights violations are extensive.  Independent analysis is that curtailment of the press and media, restrictions on lawful assembly and unjust use of threats and force are being used systematically by the de facto authorities to maintain themselves in power.

The crisis has had disastrous economical, environmental, and humanitarian effects.  Madagascar is now one of ten nations most beset with hunger. Its economic growth rate is projected to be the lowest in Africa this year.  Socially, the island nation is more vulnerable to sex tourism and trafficking of women and children. Environmentally, the crisis has seen an upsurge in killing of lemurs and turtles for food.  Precious woods such as rosewood and ebony have been cut down in national parks at unprecedented rates for export. A  background briefing, also attached, explains the impact of the crisis in greater detail.

Madagascar needs your help.  Please pray for the country, its people, and our partner church, the FJKM.  Please take the time to read the attached Action Alert and encourage government officials to do what they can to help Madagascar return to constitutional democracy and the rule of law.

Madagascar Mission Network

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