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“Truly this man was God’s Son!” —Mark 1:39

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To find out more about partnering with Presbyterian World Mission in Madagascar, click here.

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 3/4/15  Two prayer requests for the people and nation of Madagascar:

1. Disaster.  There have been intense rains in Madagascar during the past two months, and many are homeless and have lost everything due to flooding and landslides.  Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is collecting funds for disaster relief—give online to
2. Reconciliation. Pastors of the PC(USA)’s partner church in Madagascar, the FJKM, and church leaders of other denominations are holding regional and local reconciliation meetings throughout the island this week and the next in efforts to help Madagascar get past the crisis of the past six years.  Pray for those leading the discussions that the Holy Spirit might direct them as they guide people through the reconciliation process.  Please pray for healing for this nation.—Dan and Elizabeth Turk

December 19, 2014, was a historic step in the process of national reconciliation. The  president of Madagascar met with the four former presidents, including Marc Ravalomanana, at a hotel in Ivato.  The meeting was moderated by the four leaders of the FFKM, an ecclesiastical entity formed by the Catholic, FJKM, Lutheran, and Anglican churches. Little has yet been released about the meeting or next steps.
     The leader of the FFKM has asked the Malagasy people to pray for the reconciliation process.  Presbyterians are asked to join them in prayer as well:
•  for wisdom for the leaders of the FFJKM as they guide the process of national reconciliation
•  for the current and former leaders of Madagascar that they would put the interests of their countrymen above personal interests
•  that the reconciliation process will move forward no matter what the obstacles—Dan and Elizabeth Turk

12/14: Madagascar remains in political and economic crisis. In October the deposed past president, Marc Ravalomanana, returned to the country without permission, was placed under arrest for illegal entry, then transferred to his home for his ‘house detainment’—causing healing wounds to be made raw once again.  The reconciliation process, so important to the peace-loving people of this country and barely begun before, has been dealt a  blow.—PC(USA) mission co-worker Jan Heckler

11/16/14 Update and prayer request - Please pray for a spirit of reconciliation and unity as Madagascar embarks on a national reconciliation intiative led by the Malagasy Council of Churches (FFKM). Read more

10/15/14  Please pray for peace, justice and calm in Madagascar in the midst of a tense political situation. Marc Ravalomanana returned to the island nation October 13. Elected president of the country in 2001 and again in 2006, Ravalomanana was deposed by a military coup d’état in March 2009 and has spent the last five and a half years in exile. A crowd gathered for a press conference at 11 a.m. The military fired tear gas to disperse the crowd, entered the Ravalomananas’ home by force, and removed Marc Ravalomanana. Read more

Churches are trying to broker Bible- and theological-based political solutions, says Madagascar International Peacemaker Lala Haja Rasendrahasina
"The burning issue in Madagascar is the reconciliation process"

International Peacemaker undeterred by roadblocks
‘Peace is reconciliation, reconciliation is a process,’ says  Rev. Lala Haja Rasendrahasina

Spring 2014 – Five years after the 2009 coup that put Madagascar in a deep political and economic crisis, Madagascar may be on a track toward a return to rule of law and constitutional normalcy.  Presidential and legislative elections were held in December 2013 and in January Hery Rajaonarimampianina was declared president. Mr. Rajaonarimampianina was supported by 2009 coup leader Andry Rajoelina.—Dan Turk Read more

Call to Prayer for Madagascar: Election Update
December 2013 - The second round of Madagascar's presidential election was held on December 20, 2013. Although the polling was peaceful, the turnout of just over 50% was well below that of the first round of voting on October 25th. The still-emerging results are proving controversial, and many are concerned that the official announcement of the outcome, scheduled for early January 2014, may trigger renewed conflict and violence that could impede the country’s return to democracy.  Read more.

October 2013 – The first-round presidential election with 31 candidates took place as scheduled on October 25th in relative calm. There were irregularities, but very little violence. Thank you for your prayers. Read more.

Pray for Peace, Reconciliation and Democracy in Madagascar
Madagascar is scheduled to hold presidential elections on October 25, 2013. These are the first elections since the military coup d’état in March 2009.  Please pray every day at 9 pm (2 pm EDT):
• That elections will be reasonably free and fair
• That there won’t be pre- or post-election violence
• That effective means of reducing poverty and re-establishing law and order can be quickly implemented. Read more

Read more about the background and pray for a spirit of forgiveness, graciousness and unity among the Malagasy people.

10/27/13 Initial reports from Madagascar indicate the country's election was free and fair, with only isolated incidents of violence. Preliminary results show that an ally of the ousted leader Marc Ravalomanana has taken an early lead. It could take up to a week for a winner to be named.—BBC News

May 12, 2012.  The Malagasy Christian Council of Churches (FFKM) released a declaration on the crisis in Madagascar. The PC(USA) works in partnership with the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM), which was formed by the union of three churches in 1968. The FJKM is a member of the Malagasy Christian Council of Churches. Read more

In the Spring 2012 issue of Mission Crossroads magazine:
"Fruitful ministry: Protecting Madagascar's people and environment," by Doug Tilton
"Risky Journey: PC(USA) mission worker Doug Tilton stands with African partner church in time of need," by Pat Cole

Read a joint statement of the PC(USA), the ELCA and the Protestant Mission Service (Defap) concerning the situation in Madagascar


Despite “roadmap,” human rights violations continue in Madagascar

Solidarity, peace and human rights focal points of PC(USA) visit to Madagascar

Read the letter from Stated Clerk Gradye Parsons to U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton

Action Alert — March 3, 2011
Church leaders see growing efforts by the de facto government to stifle free speech

Read the stated clerk's March 1, 2011, letter to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton

Read the 2010 General Assembly's action on Madagascar and Honduras


Madagascar, an island country roughly 500 miles off the coast of Africa, is home to some 19 million people, about 45 percent of whom are Christian. France invaded the island and established a colonial administration in the late 19th century.  Madagascar regained its independence in 1960, but spent much of the next three decades under military rule. In March 2009, the military deposed the democratically elected President, Marc Ravalomanana, and installed Andry Rajoelina, the mayor of the capital city, Antananarivo, as the head of the “High Authority of the Transition”.

The PC(USA) works in partnership with the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM), which was formed by the union of three churches in 1968. PC(USA) mission personnel work with the Development Department of the FJKM to protect Madagascar’s extraordinary biodiversity,  promote agricultural development, provide clean water and sanitation, and prevent the spread of HIV, malaria and other threats to public health. The Outreach Foundation supports theological training for clergy and lay leaders, as well as entrepreneurship training to enable evangelists to secure independent livelihoods.

Madagascar Partner Churches and Organizations

Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM)
Akany Avoko Remand Home for Girls

Synod Partnership

Synod of the Northeast

Madagascar Mission Network

For more information contact Doug Tilton or Paula Tibbs

The Madagascar Mission Network is among more than 40 networks that connect Presbyterians who share a common mission interest. Most participants are involved in mission partnerships through congregations, presbyteries or synods. Network members come together to coordinate efforts, share best practices and develop strategies.

Learn more about Madagascar

Visit the BBC country profile.

See the 2015 Presbyterian Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study, p. 160

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