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Minute for Mission: A Season of Peace

The words of Isaiah 55 convey a profound message to us during A Season of Peace: For you shall go out in joy, and be led forth in peace.

‘Navigator of Peace’ the Rev. Jack Mathison dies at 97

The Rev. John Thomas “Jack” Mathison, navigator of peace, died on May 24 at age 97 after a period of declining health, in Richmond, Virginia, according to an obituary published in the Washington Post this week. He was the widower of Elaine (Sauerwein).

Where do we look for security?

The Rev. Deborah Lee asked participants in a recent webinar to close their eyes and think about what it feels like to be secure. “What were the things that brought about a presence of calm and peace and soothing — a relaxed, not vigilant nervous system?” Lee said, bringing viewers out of the exercise. “The absence of the threat of physical harm, the absence of hunger, the absence of worry, the absence of debt, the absence of fear.

Upending the bushel basket that conceals our light

Natalie Pisarcik, a member of First Presbyterian Church of Boonton, New Jersey, has already bravely shared her story of deep depression and the intention she once had to end her life before asking God to forgive her for what she called “a terrible mistake,” forgiveness Pisarcik said she did receive.

A paintbrush in one hand, the Bible in the other

Far from “the peaceful easy feeling we experience when all is well and all is right,” God’s peace is “something really robust and active,” a peace “that is the most present in the presence of pain, in the hardest moments of my life, in situations that feel impossible.”

Peace & Global Witness Offering

The PC(USA)’s Peace & Global Witness Offering supports ministries that bring Christ’s peace to situations involving conflict and injustice.

The world needs peace

“Peace” is a multifaceted term, a dominant biblical theme, and an affirmative and essential call for justice among Presbyterians.

Sharing the peace of Christ with the world

The Peace & Global Witness offering — one of four annual special offerings of the PC(USA) — supports peacemaking and reconciliation ministry worldwide.