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Mothers Are Living Embodiments of God’s Love

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, we hold up strong women from the Bible who trusted that God would deliver their children, even as they embarked on journeys not always of their own choosing. We remember Jochebed, who defied Pharoah’s edict to kill all newborn Hebrew boys by doing the only thing she could think of… Read more »

All War Victims Need Our Support (guest post)

By Jaff Bamenjo Coordinator of RELUFA, PDA partner in Cameroon On the 24th of February 2022, the Russian military invaded Ukraine generating international outcry and concern for the atrocities and sufferings inflicted on the civilian population. Thousands of people have been leaving Ukrainian towns and cities to neighboring countries in Europe such as Poland, Hungary,… Read more »

Presbyterians Continue to Call for Humane Asylum Policies at U.S. Border

We are encouraged by the Department of Homeland Security’s April 1st announcement that expulsions at the U.S. border under the Center for Disease Control’s provision known as Title 42 will soon come to an end. At the same time, we are concerned that it is not expected to be implemented until May 23rd. For the… Read more »

Call for 2022 PDA Refugee and Immigrant Advocacy Grant Proposals

PDA’s refugee and asylum seeker advocacy is rooted in scripture, General Assembly procedures, and the voices of those who experience U.S. immigration policies first hand. Even as we strive to center our advocacy on their communities, we are also aware of the disparities in resources and access that refugee and immigrant led organizations face when… Read more »

Alien Citizen

As we think of all those who are in search of safety in this season of Christmastide, we are reminded that a newborn Jesus was fortunate to have parents who took him as they fled the wrath of Herod, and grateful that the Egyptian border was not closed to them. Sadly, were Jesus, Mary and… Read more »

Hoping for Jerusalem

PDA joins dozens of organizations and thousands of individuals to express our despair and frustration about the U.S. Government’s decision this week to reinstate and even expand the Migrant Protection Protocols, otherwise known as the “Remain in Mexico Policy”. The most basic responsibility of a government toward those seeking asylum is not to turn them… Read more »

Immigrant-led Faith-based Community Organizing in Brockton, MA

In March 2021, PDA established a new grant opportunity for refugee or immigrant led organizations with a focus on immigrant rights. Awarded to those already engaged in public policy advocacy, the overarching goal of the grant program is to support the capacity of local/grassroots organizations so that they can connect local and personal experiences with… Read more »

Hear the voices of Black Migrants as they call us to Action

Yesterday was an important day in the struggle for justice for Cameroonians in the United States.  Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (CA-19) and Congressman Hank Johnson (GA-04) introduced the Cameroon TPS Act of 2021 which would designate Temporary Protected Status for an initial 18-month period.  And the same day, a new coalition was officially launched, the Cameroon… Read more »

Welcoming Afghan Refugees

As Afghan refugees continue to flee their country, many are being evacuated to the U.S. while others are seeking safe haven in neighboring countries. In moments of crisis, the situation changes and develops quickly. So, what do we know as of today? Over 100,000 Afghans are expected to be evacuated to the U.S. in the… Read more »

Afghanistan Evacuations and Refugees

As we watch the news about the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban and the evacuation of U.S. troops and other government personnel, our minds are racing to think of all that is needed in such a time of humanitarian crisis. Our hearts go out to those who are trying to flee and those with… Read more »