Prayer to Remember the People of Afghanistan

O God of Justice, hear our prayer for the people of Afghanistan,

            those who fled for refuge,

            those left behind,

            and those still seeking a way out.

One year after the fall of Kabul, hundreds of thousands of your children have fled their homeland. Make your presence known amidst continued anguish of your suffering people.

O God of Peace, hear our prayer for the people of Afghanistan,

            those who have been forgotten,

            those who have been silenced,

            and those who are without hope.

One year after a chaotic evacuation, those who were once full of optimism about the future of their country now remain shattered and uncertain. Guard and shelter your children under the shadow of your gathering wing.

O God of the Journey, hear our prayer for the people of Afghanistan,

            those who ache and grieve for their home,

            those who are planting new roots in new communities,

            and those who wonder how they will flourish in a foreign land.

One year after the arrival of evacuees in the United States, 76,000 Afghans’ futures remain uncertain. Lead them to safe and steady refuge.

O God of Creation, hear our prayer for the people of Afghanistan.

Open our hearts and our doors,

our communities and our churches,

and our mouths to shout for justice.

One year after welcoming newcomers into our communities, we give you gratitude for those who answered your call to welcome the stranger over the past year. Stir us to continue to follow your call to be worthy advocates of justice. Make us instruments of your peace, for the sake of your son, Jesus Christ, our Love and our Redeemer.

The Afghan Adjustment Act

On August 15th 2021, the Taliban takeover of Kabul ended a twenty-year war and left US forces scrambling to hastily evacuate Afghans who had aided its efforts over the previous twenty years. The United States welcomed 76,000 Afghans through a program known as humanitarian parole, which grants permission to enter the US temporarily, but does not provide a pathway to permanent residence. While providing immediate protection from harm, humanitarian parole leaves those who entered the US through Operation Allies Welcome under a cloud of legal uncertainty. After harrowing and life-threatening experiences escaping from violence, they now face the fear and limitations of an uncertain immigration status and may be further traumatized by attempting to navigate an immigration system that was not adequately prepared for their arrival.

The Afghan Adjustment Act – a bipartisan, bicameral bill introduced a week before the anniversary of the fall of Kabul – offers an important correction. Patterned after similar legislation such as the Cuban Adjustment Act following the Cuban Revolution, this urgently needed bill would provide a roadmap to lawful permanent residency for Afghan evacuees. Its passage would allow the United States to keep its promise of safety and the opportunity to rebuild their lives in their new home.

Congress has an urgent obligation to ensure our Afghan allies and friends have a chance to become lawful permanent residents. As people of faith, we must urge our legislators to act now. Write your members of Congress today to co-sponsor the Afghan Adjustment Act. Learn more about why this legislation is so important through this fact sheet. Amplify your voices on behalf of our Afghan siblings on social media using this interfaith toolkit.

May we lift our voices in hope for the people of Afghanistan who are in the US and may we continue to pray for their future.

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