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Get READY for the 2019 Presbyterian Youth Triennium — a gathering for high school age youth from the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church (entering 9th grade through graduated 12th grade)!

Purdue University, July 16-20, 2019.

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The Office of Christian Formation is proud to be a supporting partner of, a great daily devotional website/app. The goal of d365 is to provide inspirational and relevant reflections on scripture for young people. The devotional experience is written especially for students and seeks to provide reflections on themes that impact our faith journey. We hope that d365 will create a quiet space in your life for meditation and prayer. We encourage you to check it out with the youth in your life. Visit (or download the app on your phone and Pause, Listen, Pray, Think and Go.


Have you checked out our Quicksheets lately?

Advent season is upon us and we have a new Quicksheet! Quicksheet #62: Advent, “Making a List and Checking it Twice” You know it; we all know it: the church competes in this season with the cultural push to buy, do, and rush, but our faith tells us to wait, prepare, and reflect. This Quicksheet tackles Wait, Prepare and Reflect of the Advent Season.

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Now is the season for the Pentecost Offering! This is the offering that funds national youth ministry, supports the Triennium, and Quicksheets. Thank you for your generous support!


Looking for an easy, fun, way to gather young people together? How about a book club? Since millennials are known to be great leisure readers, and with so much great youth and young adult fiction available — and some excellent new “classics” — why not start a weekly or monthly book group? It’s a great summer program. It’s an ideal small group meeting platform. It is doable for a season such as Lent or Advent. Presbyterian Youth Book Club selections and study guides are user friendly and easy to download. Titles include: The Hunger Games trilogy, The Fault in Our Stars, An Abundance of Katherines, and more. These FREE study guides include Bible study, discussion questions, community building, and a youth-friendly flow. Interested in starting a Presbyterian Youth Book Club—click here!

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A Vision for Young People and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)


In the midst of a beautiful and broken world, we have a vision for ministry with young people  that unites youth in Christ with all other generations and proclaims the love of God without end.  This vision gives us hope for a Church that:

  • Is authentic, made up of communities of faith that live what they proclaim;
  • Participates in, and pays witness to, the lively, joyful reality of the grace of God for the whole world;
  • Helps young people to understand what it means to be saved by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, so that they will, as God does, view all people with love and possibility;
  • Expresses God’s boundless love by embracing young people as they are, where they are, and where they could be,  inspiring them to share their ideas, dreams and unique gifts with the world and the church;
  • Acknowledges and celebrates youth as the keepers of God’s world, capable of serving as agents of healing, friends to the friendless, and leaders along the path of Jesus;
  • Encourages young people to live and lead with humility, but also with confidence and joy;
  • Accepts that it may be changed, even re-made, through the power of the Spirit and by youth’s energy, freshness and vitality.


DatoVeloz #65 – Ruido, Adoración Dirigida Por La Juventud

El domingo de juventud en la iglesia y el mundo es el 20 de agosto. Muchas personas celebrarán el «Domingo de la juventud» el 20 de agosto; nuestro nuevo dato veloz n.º 65 presenta una orden de adoración divertida y creativa llamada «Ruido», un recurso dominical juvenil, con oraciones e ideas ya escritas.
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