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Christian-Muslim Relations Mission Toolkit


Christians are called by God to live out the great commandment to “love God” and to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:36-40). Presbyterians seek to live in fellowship with people of all faiths, striving for understanding and learning to work together to create positive change in our world.

Who’s this toolkit for?

This toolkit provides resources for PC(USA) congregations interested in engaging with their Muslim neighbors. Church leaders including pastors, mission and outreach committees, sessions, youth group leaders and Christian education teachers will find resources to better understand, connect with and advocate for our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Why engage in Christian-Muslim interfaith relations?

Fuller understanding. In Christian-Muslim relationships in our time, it is clear in new ways that, as human beings, we often fail one another. Muslims and Christians fail to understand one another, and often do not make the effort to do so. Commanded by our faith to love our neighbors as ourselves, and committed to do all in our power to do so, Presbyterians seek fuller understanding of Islam, relationships with Muslim communities, and discernment of what God requires of us in Christian-Muslim relations.[1]

Deeper discipleship. God calls us to deeper relationships with people of other faiths. As Christians learn about and relate with Muslims, we not only learn more about the multitude of diverse cultures, contexts and expressions of faith of Muslims, but we are compelled to walk a path of deeper understanding of Christian faith. We are also better equipped to engage in faithful, humble and respectful Christian witness.

How to use this toolkit

[1] “Toward an Understanding of Christian-Muslim Relations,” 219th General Assembly (2010).