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These stories and photos, submitted by JMP staff and volunteers around the world, illustrate the grassroots work of JMP in Armenian communities, “enabling Armenians in need to move from poverty and despair to self-sufficiency and hope …” Each Jinishian site reaches out to the elderly, children, working families and communities in its own unique way.

New hope in an old village

Pokr Vedi village is home to 3,000 souls, Christians nestled in the valley of Noah’s Mount Ararat between Turkey, Russia and Iran. Residents of the Armenian village remember ancestors brutally exiled and annihilated by the Ottomans 100 years ago—a horror still unrecognized by Turkey, whose closed border lies just a few miles away. Just 25 years ago these villagers lived under the Soviet state and have struggled to provide for their families ever since.

How does one subsist with no resources to cultivate his land or her business? How does one recover faith after genocide and atheism?

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