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Thanks to our Jinishian Memorial Program donors

Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church
St. James Presbyterian Church
Hudson Rotary Club
Wilmington Township Mercer County Civic League
Pacific Presbytery
Our Lady of the Lake Parish School
Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation
Synod Of Southern California & Hawaii
Salahi Heart Clinic PLLC
Berj Stationary & Bookstores
Builder’s Team Inc.
Tufenkian Family Foundation


Mr. and Mrs. Zareh G. Astourian
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Fleming, Jr.
Rev. and Mrs. Vartkes M. Kassouni
Rev. and Mrs. Jon S. West
Rev. Margaret E. Howland
Megerditch Kiledjian and Pannie Trifillis
Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell Jinishian
Mr. and Mrs. John Khanjian
Mr. Vahan Moosekian
Ms. M. T. Skoog
Ms. Lynn Nakashian
Ms. Marie Kazanjian
Lynne West and Mark Hugel
Mrs. Lucy E. Janjigian
Jean Hemphill
Judy and James Kutz
Mr. Robert M. Seed and Rev. Dr. Allison K. Seed
Barbara Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Goorjian
Rev. Lois A. Aroian
Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Stephey, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Zaven G. Bilezikjian
Mr. and Mrs. Hratch Yoskerchian
Ms. Anie Mikaelian
Nadya and Larissa Donikian
Dr. Sarkis Karayan and Prof. Silva Karayan
Mr. and Mrs. Armen Shahinian
Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Gumushian
Mr. and Mrs. Kevork Aposhian
Mr. and Mrs. Kevork Kalenderian
Mr. and Mrs. Missak and Nairie Balian
Mr. and Mrs. Viken Der Ghazarian
Mr. and Mrs. William F. McKnight
Mr. Saro Sepilian
Ms. Hilda Anan
Dr. and Mrs. Hovannes Melidonian
Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Tomassian
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kalemkiarian
Ms. Roxanne Bedrossian
Asdghig Yadalian
Dr. and Mrs. Harout Yaghsezian
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Zavian
Mr. and Mrs. Antranik Kalaydjian
Mr. and Mrs. Aram H. Benyamin
Mr. and Mrs. Haig H. Krakirian
Mr. and Mrs. Haig K. Gourdikian
Mr. and Mrs. Kegham Dekermenjian
Mr. and Mrs. Kevork H. Agopian
Mr. and Mrs. Kurken Y. Berksanlar
Mr. and Mrs. Nerses Yerjanian
Mr. and Mrs. Raffi Z. Soghomonian
Mr. and Mrs. Roupen Berberian
Mr. and Mrs. Shahan Minassian
Mr. and Mrs. Tim K. Pugmire
Mr. and Mrs. Vasken A. Yardemian
Mr. and Mrs. Vatche Kouyoumdjian
Mr. Bedros Yazijian
Mr. Daron A. Kachatourian and Ms. Marlene J. Lapoyan
Mr. Esteban E. Arslanian and Mrs. Norma P. Babikian-Arslanian
Mr. H. R. Der-Tavitian
Ms. Dalita Kebabjian
Ms. Salpi Kassardjian
Ms. Sona Hamalian
Ms. Vera Bagboudarian
Ms. Verona Orphali
Ms. Lori Muncherian
Mr. Hreir Sagherian
Mr. and Mrs. Ozhang and Ann Karimi
The Feeney Family
Ms. Patty E. B. Summerville
Mr. and Mrs. Barbara and Jud Taylor
Mr. Knox J. Efland
Rev. Donald Dawson, World Mission Initiative
Becky, George, and LeAnn Humes
Charles Hammil
Tanya Karimi
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Abdulian
Mr. and Mrs. Herair Mouradian
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Piranian
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Maranian
Mr. Hayk Amiryan
Mr. Hendrik Shanazarian and Ms. Mariet Mikaelian
Ms. Dolores E. Bell
Rev. John V. Worthington
Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Eskijian
Mr. and Mrs. Mazen H. Habiby
Mr. and Mrs. Vahe A. Nalbandian
Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Gehrt
Steve and Nancy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Sagherian
Mr. Chris Murphy
Mrs. Jane Bedrosian
Rev. Berdj H. Djambazian
Rev. Steven E. Wirth and Mrs. Katharin Rundus
Rev. and Mrs. R. John Harris, Jr.
Dr. and Dr. Nazareth E. Darakjian
Dr. and Mrs. Vicken J. Aharonian
Dr. Hrag M. Marganian
Mr. and Mrs. Ani A. Janbazian
Mr. and Mrs. Ara Juljulian
Mr. and Mrs. Ara S. Injejikian
Mr. and Mrs. Armen Tamzarian
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Dalton
Mr. and Mrs. Diran Bahadourian
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kassouny
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Injejikian
Mr. and Mrs. Gene N. Lanier
Mr. and Mrs. Hratch A. Mouradian
Mr. and Mrs. Levon Filian
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kurkjian
Mr. and Mrs. Mihran S. Agbabian
Mr. and Mrs. Vahe Hayrikian
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne K. Ayers
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Mandernach
Mr. and Mrs. Zaven Hanessian
Mr. and Ms. Arsham Euredjian
Mr. and Ms. Stephen Williard
Mr. Avedis G. Injejikian
Mr. David M. Ehrlich
Mr. Hovannes Sarkissian
Mr. Mark A. Conley and Ms. Rohini De Silva
Mr. Sarkis Karaminassian and Ms. Palig Kilaghbian
Ms. Alexandra Bessos
Ms. Alice Juljulian
Ms. Araxi Ajounian
Ms. Christine Mitchell
Ms. Elisabeth A. Topian
Ms. Heather E. Sells
Ms. Helen A. Haig
Ms. Lucine Keledjian
Ms. M. J. Abdulian
Ms. Marie Kayayan
Ms. Marie-Louise Meneshian
Ms. Marion R. Lovelace
Ms. Nora Doctorian
Ms. Rose Messerlian
Ms. Sara V. Churukian
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Bryce Little, Jr.
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Noyemi Isnar
Mrs. Arline Lomazzo
Ms. Mary C. Pendleton
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Nelson
Rev. and Mrs. Jack D. Hodges
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Momjian
Rev. Megan Katerjian
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton R. Carlisle
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Hugh G. Nevin, Jr.
Ms. Barbara H. Barkley
Rev. and Mrs. Ralph V. Hagopian
Mr. and Mrs. James Altounian
Ms. Lucy Barajikian
Ms. Lucy Hovsepian
Rev. Elmer R. Frimoth, Jr.
Mr. Ani Aghababyan
Mr. Hayk Harutyunyan
Mr. David Holden
Mr. Alex Jinishian
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Talanian
Rev. Martin W. Lifer
Dr. and Mrs. Keith W. McLarnan
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Tomasian
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Bashian, Jr.
Mr. Edward E. Boyadjian, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Zaven Tachdjian
Mr. and Mrs. J. George Mamourian
Mr. Ronald S. Ojakian
Mr. Serge Tomassian
Ms. Lucy S. Missirian
Mr. Michael A. Stephanian
Ms. Arpine Korekyan
Mr. Eric Demirdjian
Rev. Nancy C. Kahaian
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haratunian
Ms. Patricia Jacobs
Mr. Michael L. Minasian
Ms. Annik A. Minasaganian
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Ajemian
Mr. Harut Muradyan
Mr. and Mrs. Hagop Arshagouni
Mr. and Mrs. Hrair Arshagouni
Mr. and Mrs. Vahak Savoulian
Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser Krekorian
Mr. and Mrs. Adam D. Zakarian