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The REvangelism Conference is designed to take you on a deeper journey into faith: into the lives of others, into justice, hope, and the wonder of God. Together we will practice habits of Evangelism that will engage us in the gospel of good news — God’s justice and reconciliation for the world.

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What Is Evangelism?
Evangelism is the proclamation and manifestation of good news. The following passage from the prophet Isaiah illuminates the expansive, wondrous nature of God’s good news:

“How beautiful upon the mountains
are the feet of the messenger who announces peace,
who brings good news,
who announces salvation,
who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.” (Isaiah 52:7)

Isaiah is announcing a return to well-being and sanctuary. The good news that accompanies the reign of God is an encounter with peace, wholeness, salvation, and justice. Inclusive of our words and actions, evangelism is a ministry of the body of Christ that increases the likelihood that we are becoming a peculiar people who live like Jesus in our neighborhoods. Therefore, the good news of God’s love is a journey into a new way of life, which leads to becoming fully human.

8 Habits

Why This Resource?
Evangelism is not a tool to gain new members for our churches. This ministry is not an instrument to help people gain access into heaven. The work of evangelism is much more expansive in its scope and meaning. Evangelism is a way of life that is formed by the power of the Holy Spirit, moving through common practices in the community of faith, enabling and empowering the body of Christ to live more deeply into the love of God and the lives of others.

This resource identifies and explores eight habits of faith, which invite the reader on a journey into the love of God, the lives of our neighbors, and the transformation of creation. As we become more like Christ, we are a people of radical inclusion, generosity, and justice. Through our worship, sacraments, community, prayer, and teaching, lives are being formed and transformed in ways that are the visible and audible signs of the reign of God. The community of faith is designed to be the seen, heard, and experienced as a representation of God’s reign and peace.


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Liturgical resources for Evangelism Sunday Includes an eight-day cycle of prayer based on the 8-Habits of Evangelism, Available for you prepare for Evangelism Sunday, September 19. 2021.

Evangelism Sunday PDF


Evangelism Sunday Worship Resource

Vital Congregations may be identified by seven Bible-based ideals or “marks.” One of the marks suggests that the congregation have a clear focus on Intentional Authentic Evangelism. Too often the asks of sharing the good news of living as Jesus did is relegated to an “Evangelism Team.” Some even think it is solely the pastor’s… Read more »


Engage the Gospel, Discipleship, Your Community and Church Shifts

Engage is about effective evangelism that is part of a disciple making church culture that emphasizes both the importance of social justice and faith sharing.  It begins with the Jesus question, “who do you say that I am?”

Engage brochure

Engage, a new evangelism approach, helps churches become relevant again. As congregations learn how to share their faith they attract people who join them in following Jesus. Together they join in God’s mission of transformation in their neighborhoods and communities.

Engage the Gospel

Engage the Gospel: A Charlotte, N.C. congregation is sharing their faith, attracting new people to join them in God’s mission in their neighborhood. Watch the impact of Engage.  Watch the video For best results, right-click the Download link (or click and use “control” key for Macintosh) and save the file.
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