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Evangelism & Discipleship

Moving toward ‘Intentional Authentic Evangelism’

Could fear or busyness be holding you back from reaching out to the community and being a deep listener? Both of those real-life challenges were raised during a recent online discussion about “Intentional Authentic Evangelism” and what obstacles stand in the way of accomplishing it. The 90-minute discussion, attended by 34 people, was facilitated by Alicia Demartra-Pressley, Associate for Missional Equipping in the Office of Theology & Worship, a ministry area of Theology, Formation & Evangelism. It’s part of an ongoing series of conversations focused on the 7 Marks of Vital Congregations.

Healing through evangelism

This powerful understanding of God’s propensity toward helping and healing the least of these comes from the story of the beguine Mechthild of Magdeburg. A movement of laywomen that arose in the 13th century, the beguines were contemplatives, mystics and healers. Mechthild posited that, “God is never closer than in the longing emptiness of the night.” From that emptiness, she received and shared “prophetic critiques of the religious leaders of her day for their lack of holiness and their hostility toward passionate spirituality.”

Registration for 2024 Evangelism Conference now open

This year’s Evangelism Conference, planned by Theology, Formation & Evangelism, repents of “expressions of evangelism” that have “hurt people and promoted injustice” and encourages ways of embodying the good news that promote healing and compassion.

A commissioned ruling elder from Kendall Presbytery tells his faith story on ‘A Matter of Faith: A Presby Podcast’

Nathan Sobers, a commissioned ruling elder in Kendall Presbytery and the pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Soda Springs, Idaho, shares part of his faith journey on the most recent edition of “A Matter of Faith: A Presby Podcast.” Listen to Sobers’ conversation with ‘A Matter of Faith’ hosts Simon Doong and the Rev. Lee Catoe here. Sobers comes in at 11:55.

PC(USA) webinar offers up ways to extend a radical welcome to all God’s children

Radical welcome, defined as “the spiritual practice of embracing and being changed by the gifts, presence, voices and power of The Other: the people systemically cast out or marginalized within a church, denomination and/or society,” was the focus Wednesday of a webinar put on by the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s Office of Gender, Racial & Intercultural Justice. Watch the hour-long webinar hosted by Samantha Davis, Associate for Gender, Racial & Intercultural Justice, by going here.

People attending the PC(USA)’s Evangelism Conference receive a Top 10 list to help them spread the good news

The Evangelism Conference, a three-day hybrid offering put on by Theology, Formation & Evangelism in the Presbyterian Mission Agency, concluded at Montreat Conference Center on Tuesday with a list of tips for evangelists and spirited and Spirit-filled closing worship led by the Rev. Gregory Bentley, Co-Moderator of the 224th General Assembly (2020) and pastor of Fellowship Presbyterian Church in Huntsville, Alabama.

The PC(USA)’s Evangelism Conference looks at churches’ ‘beautiful lies and ugly truths’

Fresh off being announced Monday as the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s new director of Racial Equity and Women’s Intercultural Ministries, the Rev. Shanea D. Leonard delivered the first two of three keynote addresses at the Evangelism Conference being held through Tuesday at Montreat Conference Center and online. The conference theme is “Addressing Harm, Embracing Hope.”