Faith & Worship

Praying while playing

The Rev. Dr. Paul Huh, the PC(USA)’s associate for Korean translation, used the Études of Polish composer Frédéric Chopin during Wednesday worship at the Presbyterian Center Chapel to help worshipers pray and meditate.

The Bible for people with short attention spans

The Rev. Tom Willadsen of Oshkosh, Wis., has become a fixture at the Synod of Lakes and Prairies’ Synod School. The Synod School connection, when one thinks about it, is likely caramel rolls. Willadsen, hands tucked snugly into plastic gloves, personally distributes the sweet treats to breakfast diners on those days the caramel rolls are available in the cafeteria. But he’s also known for his classes, and the classes are known for humor.

Ditch the outdated sermon

I never thought of myself as a crafty person. The small motor skills required for sewing or crocheting make my brow knit in frustration. Coloring books meant to lower blood pressure increase mine. But I confess that there have been weeks where I’ve been crafting some sort of visual aid to go with the sermon I’m preparing.

Baffled by prayer

All his life, the Rev. David Maxwell has found prayer baffling.

Rehearsing virtually, The Nettletons are poised for their Triennium debut

Headlining the Presbyterian Youth Triennium’s music ministry is The Nettletons — PYT’s house worship band formed especially for this vibrant five-day youth-centered event. And while it’s not unusual to have a worship band at a church event, putting a band together for an event that occurs every three years can be a challenge.

Thankful hearts and voices raise

Dr. Janet Loman may be the perfect person to chair the Presbyterian Association of Musicians’ 50th anniversary fundraising campaign.

The courage to seek justice

Preaching at the Presbyterians Association of Musicians conference being held this week at the Montreat Conference Center, the Rev. Dr. Rodger Nishioka, senior associate pastor at Village Presbyterian Church in Prairie Village, Kansas, talked about a life-changing series of events

A formative experience

Over the years while attending the Presbyterian Association of Musicians conference, the Rev. Dr. David Gambrell has seen how the annual gathering has inspired and sustained two generations of liturgical reform in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

On justice and righteousness

The Rev. Mary Brueggemann, a retired United Church of Christ pastor, began the Presbyterian Association of Musicians conference  Bible study on Justice in the New Testament Tuesday with a quote about the Old Testament.