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Contact your regional Mission Engagement Advisor if you have any questions about individual, congregational or mid council giving.


West Region

René Myers

René Myers

Synods of the Rocky Mountains, Alaska-Northwest, Pacific, Southern California and Hawaii
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 South Region

Lemuel Garcia-Arroyo

Lemuel Garcia-Arroyo

Synods of the Sun, Southwest and Boriquen (Puerto Rico)
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 North Region

Chris Roseland

Chris Roseland

Synods of the Covenant and Lincoln Trails (Lead Mission Engagement Advisor)


 Central Region

Bill McConnell

Bill McConnell

Synods of Living Waters, Mid-America and Lakes & Prairies
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█ Northeast Region

Lynne Forman

Lynne Foreman

Synods of the Northeast and Trinity
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 Southeast Region

Sy Hughes

Sy Hughes

Synods of Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic
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 Korean American Congregations

Sam Kim

Sam Young Kim

Korean American Congregations
김삼영 목사
미장로교 총회 선교사역 지원
한인교회 담당


운동을 점화시킴: 하나님의 선교에 참여함

‘움직임을 일으키자: 하나님 선교에의 참여’는 우리의 사역 동료와 그리스도 안 동지들이 연결되어 있는 교회(connectional church), 마태복음 25장 사역 참여 교회, 우리의 믿음이 요구하는 교회의 의미를 깨달을 수 있게 돕습니다. 이 책자는 교회의 특별헌금, 공동선교 지원금, 상회비에 대한 통찰도 담고 있습니다.

Encendiendo un movimiento: Comprometido en la misión de Dios

Encendiendo un movimiento: El compromiso con la Misión de Dios ayuda a nuestros colegas en el ministerio y amistades en Cristo a definir lo que significa ser una iglesia conexional, una iglesia de Mateo 25, y la Iglesia que pide nuestra fe. Incluye información sobre las ofrendas especiales de la Iglesia, el apoyo a las… Read more »

Igniting a Movement: Engaged in God’s Mission

Igniting a Movement: Engaged in God’s Mission helps our colleagues in ministry and friends in Christ define what it means to be a connectional church, a Matthew 25 church, and the Church that our faith demands. It includes insight into the Church’s Special Offerings, Shared Mission Support and Per Capita.
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